March 2019

Thai Orchid Brings The Flavor

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It's time for a confession. With all of the restaurants we have visited and covered, there are still some cuisines that we have overlooked. A friend clued us in on a Thai restaurant that we have passed more times than we can count. The description of the food was so compelling, that we knew it would require some firsthand investigation. We made our way to 6504 Martway to find out how Thai Orchid brings the flavor. We want to thank Thai Orchid for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. Refined Atmosphere The restaurant sits on the side of a [...]

October 2018

Plate Presence At Oishi Japanese Cuisine

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These days it seems that some of the best little eateries are tucked in out of the way places. Such is the case for Oishi Japanese Cuisine at 12220 Shawnee Mission Parkway. Situated in the 10 Quivira Plaza Shopping Center, we would only see it when we ventured into the parking lot. We remembered a previous visit, but needed another to refresh our memories and taste buds. What we didn't remember was being presented dishes that were as artistic as they were delectable. Quiet Lunch Lately we have had a knack for stopping by places during a break in the action. At Oishi [...]

September 2017

Hidden Treasures at Friends Sushi and Bento Place

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The 39th Street corridor, near State Line, is filled with interesting restaurants and shops. One of our favorites is Friends Sushi & Bento Place at 1808 W. 39th St. in Kansas City, Mo. Less than a block from KU Hospital, it has a solid following of residents from around the metro. […]

July 2017

April 2017

Get More Bang For Your Buck at Tao Tao Chinese Restaurant

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Tao Tao Chinese Restaurant has a long history of serving downtown Kansas City, Kansas. This shop, at 1300 Minnesota Avenue,  has been dishing up popular menu items since 1970. Some customers have been frequenting this location since they opened. Others have just recently stumbled upon the heaping mounds of fresh Chinese food that they dish up. We stumbled upon this location by accident, but it ended up becoming one of our go-to spots for Asian cuisine in Kansas City, Kansas. We also realized that you get more bang for your buck at Tao Tao. We want to thank Tao Tao Chinese Restaurant for [...]