Pops Of Color – Tavern In The Village

The end of a workweek is certainly a reason for a celebration. This particular week had been rather brutal, so it was an easy decision to add a Happy Hour event to our Friday evening excursion. We wanted something fresh and new, so plans were set for a visit to Tavern in the Village. Located at 3901 Prairie Lane, it can be found just north of 75th and Mission Road. We had only visited once prior and had been very impressed with their Happy Hour offerings. The food and drink had been tasty and we knew that a follow-up visit would add pops [...]

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Sneaky Good Eats – Mickey’s Hideaway

They say that change is inevitable and that it is often for the better. While we sometimes find ourselves saddened by the loss of a familiar haunt, we try to accept it as fate. When McCoy's Public House closed, after over 20 years, we were fearful that space would be lost for a long time. Fortunately, the owners were merely transitioning the property to its next phase. By changing up the restaurant, it allowed them to bring in some sneaky good eats to the new menu. We dropped by Mickey's Hideaway to see how the transformation worked out. Airy Space McCoy's had been [...]

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Brown & Loe – A Happy Hour Story

Like many of you, we enjoy a visit to our local city market. In fact, the historic City Market in Kansas City has been a staple of the downtown since 1857. The vibrant neighborhood that surrounds the market is filled with unique shops and restaurants. Going in search of a fun evening out, we planned ourselves a Happy Hour story that included a stop at Brown & Loe. This upscale eatery, located at 429 Walnut, looked like the perfect site to eat, drink, and escape from the madness of the work week. Soaking in the Sunshine We have spent many weekend mornings perusing [...]

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A Welcome Addition – Deep Roots Restaurant

Life is a series of small victories. Not all will be our own, but fortunately, those of others can often be shared. Being life-long Kansas City, Kansas residents have come with a certain level of ups and downs. After years of economic struggle, our city has seen a revitalization over the past decade. With this resurgence comes new small businesses. Now that shoppers have destinations to visit, the next progression is an opportunity for local restaurants to sprout. One of the newest in the southern edge of Wyandotte County is Deep Roots Restaurant and Bar, at 4601 Shawnee Drive. We find this to [...]

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Handhelds And Pizza Pies – D’Bronx Authentic Deli

We have been visiting D'Bronx Authentic Deli for years. Our introduction to this New York-style eatery came in the 1990s, which was not too long after they appeared on the landscape. Their 3904 Bell Street location has always been our go-to spot for handhelds and pizza pies. In fact, one celebration included an attempt to conquer their Party Pizza. Even a group of ravenous teenagers failed to overcome this mountain of dough and toppings. With so many happy memories associated with our visits, we decided that it was past time for us to feature them in an article. Boxes & Bags of Food [...]

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Spicing Up Carryout – Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

The current reality has certainly added a few interesting twists to our dinner routine. Transitioning to carryout meals has forced us to think about the driving distance after we get our meal. Fortunately, we have a ton of options in close proximity, so our meals stay closer to serving temperature. Even the ones that are farther out can still be considered if we use good preparation. One that we have not frequented, in the past, is Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken. We dropped by their Kansas City, Kansas location to see how they are spicing up carryout. Call In & Carry Out Our [...]

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Dressing Up Brunch – Summit Grill

How many of you are ready to get back to some sort of normal life? Crystal and I love to visit new restaurant destinations, but this "curbside only" situation is putting a damper on our exploration. Fortunately, we have a good backlog of places we had already visited, so we can keep supplying some new ideas for you to sample after we get out of lock-down. Our daughter lives in the Northland, which has allowed us a new frontier to explore. On a recent visit, we discovered the newest location of Summit Grill had been opened at 501 NE 70th Street. Visiting at [...]

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Room 39 – Why Winter Is Brunch Season

We have to believe that we are not much different than most of our readers. Like others, we enjoy a good meal, and trying new restaurants is usually a fun experience. During the winter, we find ourselves having brunch more often. A good example was a stop in Room 39, located at 1719 W. 39th Street. This farm-to-table eatery has been serving Kansas City diners for about 15 years. They offer an upscale dining experience, but their breakfast through lunch meals is a bit more laid back. As we sat there enjoying the moment, it made us contemplate why winter is brunch season. [...]

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Historic Parkville Dining – Riverpark Pub & Eatery

How many of you like to immerse yourselves in the local history? What if you have the chance to do that while enjoying a tasty meal or beverage? The Kansas City metro is made up of a variety of smaller towns that have been engulfed by the growing city limits. Each of these townships have their own unique history and flavors. A visit to Riverpark Pub and Eatery offers a chance for historic Parkville dining, just a hundred feet from a Lewis and Clark campsite. We want to thank Main Street Parkville and Riverpark Pub for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are [...]

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Harvey’s – Our Historic Lunch Break

Our day at Union Station included visits to Science City, as well as the planetarium. With so much planned in one location, we didn't want to leave the area just to grab a bite for lunch. Fortunately, there are some on-site dining options. The decision was made to check out Harvey's, which sits squarely in the middle of the station lobby. (You can read more about Science City here.) Kids Of All Ages This research visit was a little different for us, since we had some kids in tow. Being empty-nesters, we usually travel alone. After being seated, our server gave a packet [...]

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