Mount Rainier National Park – A Sleeping Giant

Our trip to the northwest corner of the country supplied us with some unique opportunities. Dwelling in the heartland brings its own scenes of beauty, but in Washington State, we were finding new experiences. After spending a couple of days with our son, along came a day he had to work. This gave us a chance to take an excursion to Mount Rainier. Since we have recently acquired a taste for hiking, this national park would offer us some amazing challenges. After all, it's not every day that we get to walk around an active volcano. Let's just hope we don't disturb this [...]

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Epic Road Trip Goals – Seeing The D-Rock

When we set about planning our travels for 2021, it was determined that we needed to add a visit to the Northwest Coast. This is the region where our youngest son, Derek, had relocated and we had never seen this part of the country. Those two points would become the basis for our Epic Road Trip goals, which would land us on the outskirts of Seattle, Washington. By the time we rolled into Sammamish, where he resides, we had already logged over 24 hours of car seat time. The 1800 miles had passed quicker than we expected, as much of the landscape was [...]

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4 Reasons To Visit Pike Place Market

For more than 100 years, the Pike Place Market has been operating just steps from Elliott Bay. Packed full of creative shops, restaurants, and vendors, there is always something new to see. For this portion of our Epic Road Trip, we joined our son Derek on a day exploring Seattle. He had stoked our imaginations with stories of the wonders found inside this iconic landmark. With the excitement reaching its peak, the time finally arrived for our excursion. A ride on public transportation landed us nearby and a short walk later we found 4 reasons to visit Pike Place Market. 1) Tons of [...]

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