4 Things Not To Miss At The Airplane Restaurant

When was your last in-flight meal? It seems like we are barely offered peanuts and a drink on current commercial trips. The glory days of commercial flight seem to have passed but we found a way to recreate the experience on a new level. During a visit to Colorado Springs, we found 4 things not to miss at The Airplane Restaurant. The name of this eatery piqued our interest, so we dropped in to learn more about this dining destination. Approaching the Boeing KC-97 Tanker, we were fascinated by the way it dominated the landscape. 1) Seating Options The Airplane Restaurant is a [...]

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Experience Broadmoor Seven Falls

Being flatlanders, the raw beauty of the mountains always captivates us. Colorado Springs sits on the eastern edge of the peaks. On a previous visit, we discovered that there were too many sites for us to see in one trip. It took a few years, but we finally made our way back for more exploring. On this trip, we were looking for some challenges. That's not hard when you find yourself at 6800 feet elevation. Fortunately, we had already been in the region for a couple of days. Having acclimated, we were ready to experience Broadmoor Seven Falls firsthand. It Starts with a [...]

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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Our Animal Magnet In Action

I have been intrigued by Crystal's ability to attract animals for years. This happens with domestic and wild animals. I've seen it over and over, but I'm still in awe each time I witness this unusual occurrence. During our time in Colorado Springs, we set aside time for a tour of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Sitting at over 6700 feet in elevation, it's the highest zoo in America. As we awaited the opening of the gates, I wondered if her animal-attracting ability would once again surface. To be honest, this unique magnetism allows me to get some unusual photos and it's entertaining. Drawing [...]

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Garden Of The Gods – Waiting On The Sun

All of the planning in the world won't change the weather. When we arrived in Colorado Springs, we found ourselves under a heavy cloud deck. With a limited amount of time for exploring, we weren't about to let it dampen our spirits. It had been quite a few years since our last visit and we had a long list of places to see and adventures to enjoy. This meant that we didn't want to be waiting on the sun to brighten up our vacation. Time to make the most of what we had, so we made our way to our lodging before heading [...]

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Manitou Cliff Dwellings – Life On The Edge

I'll never understand how you can claim to discover an already populated continent. When you look back through history, it's obvious that there were thriving civilizations across North America. There's debate about when humans first arrived, but its clear things were flourishing around 1000 years ago. That would have been the time that the Pueblo Tribe were building their communities in the "Four Corners" region. A recent visit to Colorado Springs gave us a chance to stop by Manitou Cliff Dwellings. This visually impressive attraction offers an opportunity to see inside their life on the edge. First Impressions The first thing we discovered [...]

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Colorado National Monument – On Top Of The World

Have you ever felt like you were standing on top of the world? After a day of exploring Arches National Park, we couldn't imagine anything matching its wonder and beauty. The evening had found us relocating to our next city, Grand Junction, Colorado. Our plan was an early morning excursion into the Colorado National Monument, which lies just south of the city. It would be our last chance to do some hiking on this trip, so we wanted to soak up every minute of it. After grabbing our morning coffee, it was into the park for a morning of adventure. Time in Grand [...]

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10 Miles Above the Trees on Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road is the name of the heavily traveled highway that passes through Rocky Mountain National Park. Aptly nicknamed "Highway to the Sky", this oversized two lane road covers 48 miles between Estes Park and Grand Lake in Colorado. This road includes more than 10 miles of drive above the tree line (about 11,500 feet). This allows travelers a sweeping view of the mountain range surrounding them. Its highest point peaks at 12,183 feet above sea level, making this the highest road in any national park. The Trail Ridge Road began as a path used by native Americans to cross between their home [...]

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South by Southwest – Rocky Mountain Road Trip Part 3

Our Rocky Mountain Road Trip had us leaving Yellowstone Park after just a couple of days. We felt as though we barely scratched the surface of what there is to see. We made a note to ourselves that there would have to be a return trip at some time in the future. For now we aimed our car South by Southwest toward Grand Teton National Park. The rolling hills welcomed us, as we barreled down the highway. Soon we caught our first glimpse of the majestic mountain range. We were on our we to the third leg of our Rocky Mountain journey. (Read Part Two [...]

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