Take A Wild Ride At Palo Duro Creek Ranch

Everyone knows that the Grand Canyon is the largest in the United States, but you do you where the second largest is at? You can imagine our surprise, when we discovered that it lies just south of Amarillo, Texas. Yes, the panhandle plains are home to Palo Duro Canyon, which is HUGE! While our visit to this Route 66 city was chocked full of stops, we knew that we had to set a day aside just to explore this canyon area. What better way to see it up close than a jeep ride right down into it? Our friends at Visit Amarillo arranged [...]

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35 Years of Panhandle Pride – Calico County

Longevity is one of the main goals in the restaurant business. Many struggle to make it through the first couple of years, as they fight to build a consistent following. If they make it to five years, then they face the next issue, which is to prevent their menu from becoming stale to their regular customers. Finding a dining destination with long term staying power is usually a sign of consistent dishes being served with exceptional service. This was certainly the case, when we discovered 35 years of Panhandle Pride at Calico County. We want to thank Visit Amarillo and Calico County for [...]

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Life In The Staked Plains – Panhandle Plains Historical Museum

This was our first visit to the southern High Plains region of Texas. With three days to explore, we planned on learning about the history of the region. The huge mesa that encompasses this portion of the high plains is actually named Llano Estacado. It is often translated as the Staked Plains. Using Amarillo as a home base, allowing for an easy excursion to the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, in Canyon, Texas. We always look for a chance to better understand local life. The demands that come with living in this difficult region, has challenged life in the Staked Plains for thousands of years. [...]

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Tex-Mex Fix On Route 66 – Braceros Mexican Grill & Cantina

Some like it hot, but we prefer it to be flavor-packed. Amarillo, Texas is chocked full of intriguing dining options, so we knew our trip would be delicious. One of the reasons we chose Amarillo as our first Texas blogging city, was that it lies smack dab on Route 66. There is a section of the Mother Road, which aligns with 6th Street, that has embraced its historic roots. On this roughly one-mile-long stretch, you will find an assortment of shops, eateries, antique stores, and bars. We also found a place to get our Tex-Mex fix on Route 66 at Braceros Mexican Bar [...]

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Ever Changing Landscape – Cadillac Ranch

Traveling through the Texas Panhandle can bring with it some unusual sights. One of the most popular paths is to follow along the old Route 66, which passes through Amarillo. Just west of the city, we happened upon the Cadillac Ranch. This quirky art installation is visited by thousands of budding artists annually. The open invitation to leave their mark has created an ever-changing landscape. We saw this opportunity as a chance to be part of history, even if only for a moment in time. Color on the Panhandle The Cadillac Ranch will certainly catch the eye of passing motorists. The backstory is [...]

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Peace In The Panhandle – Amarillo Botanical Gardens

How many of you find yourself moving at a faster pace during your vacations? It seems that we feel the clock ticking on our time away, and we want to pack it full of leisurely activities. By the time we return home, we feel like we need a vacation from our vacation. We have found that by adding a few tranquil stops to our itinerary, it allows us to slow down and recharge our batteries. An example was our visit to the Amarillo Botanical Gardens, which allowed us to find Peace in the Panhandle.  We want to thank Visit Amarillo and the Amarillo [...]

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Cowboy Spirit At The Big Texan

Don't you like it when you find a hometown connection when visiting a new destination? This is exactly what happened to us, during our stay in Amarillo, Texas, but we will talk about that in a minute. Part of our focus, on this trip, was finding stops that are perfect for Route 66 travelers. (Here's some we discovered in Springfield, Illinois.)  This city is filled with opportunities, but one that cannot be missed is The Big Texan. To call this place a restaurant is an understatement. It is much more than that, as it exudes the cowboy spirit throughout the space. Since 1960, [...]

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Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument – Digging The Past

When we planned our visit to Amarillo, there was an unusual stop that we wanted to catch, which lies north of the city. The Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument is the only park in Texas dedicated to preserving the quarries of the native peoples. The admission to the park is FREE and includes the beautiful scenery of nearby Lake Meredith. We arrived early enough to beat opening time, which allowed us a few moments to explore the landscape. We want to thank Visit Amarillo and Alibates Flint Quarries for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own. Panhandle-Plains Coming from a recent [...]

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