15 Reasons to Visit Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma is a city of many stories. From the forced move of the five civilized tribes to the oil booms of the early 1900's, many events helped shape the past of this Midwestern city. What began as a frontier town, blossomed into a boomtown complete with art deco skyscrapers. Our itinerary was designed to allow us to sample some of the top attractions, as well as a good sampling of the local flavors. We want to thank the Visit Tulsa, as well as the many businesses that opened their doors and hearts for us. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. A [...]

Caz’s Chowhouse Delivers Down Home Eats

When we are in the planning phase of a trip, I like to leave a little room in the schedule for unexpected destinations. It never fails that many of the locals will point out some of their top spots, and when one gets mentioned multiple times, we try to squeeze in a visit. In Tulsa, we spoke with people in the Brady Arts District about a casual meal, and Caz's Chowhouse was mentioned on numerous occasions. It was decided to stop in for a relaxed lunch break, after our visit to the Woody Guthrie Center. (You can read more about the Center here>) [...]

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Tacos Don Francisco – Hole In The Wall Dining In Tulsa

We always make an itinerary for our research trips, since it helps keep us on track. While many of the attractions are the base for our visit, we try to be a little more fluid with our restaurant plans. While I will certainly select a few “must try” locations, some of the others are open for change, as new information comes to light. This was certainly the case for our unplanned visit to Tacos don Francisco in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Unassuming Exterior During our visit to Glacier Confection (You can read more about this chocolatier here>), we got into a discussion about local restaurants. [...]

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Tulsa Children’s Museum Offers Entertaining Education

We are baby boomers, and when we launched this blog, we expected that people our own age would be the only ones to read it. We couldn't have been more off base. The analytics show that our largest age group of readers are actually in the 25 to 35 age span. We hope this is because we attempt to showcase a good mix of family friendly spots in our articles. We can still remember the days when our kids were still traveling with us. It was always a challenge to identify quality stops to add to our itinerary. While there are plenty of [...]

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Taste The Freshness At Dilly Diner

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant that sources it's ingredients locally? Did you notice how much more flavor the dishes have? We had that opportunity during a visit to Dilly Diner, in Tulsa, as we checked out their breakfast menu. We were happy to find out the restaurant was within walking distance of our hotel. A scenic stroll helped work up our appetites, so by the time we arrived we were ready for our visit. We want to thank the Dilly Diner for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. Dilly Diner - A Local Favorite For this meal we had arranged to meet [...]

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The Largest Collection Of American West Art – Gilcrease Museum

Did you know that Tulsa, Oklahoma is home to the largest collection of art and artifacts of the American West? The Gilcrease Museum holds this vast array of objects, as well as a significant amount of Native American material. Located on the northwest corner of the city, it fit in perfectly after a morning visit to the zoo. As we made our way to the entrance, from the parking lot, we passed by some captivating sculptures spread around the landscape. The museum features themed gardens for visitors to explore, but our timing was on a scorching hot day, so we dedicated our time [...]

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Squeezing In To Bohemian Pizzeria

For those that follow our travels, and especially the eateries we frequent, it is probably obvious we are huge pizza fans. When visiting a new city, we always try to scope out a possible candidate for a meal. In Tulsa, we found Bohemian Pizzeria, in the East Village area near downtown. During research prior to our visit, we heard many confirmations that this was a good option. After we arrived in Tulsa, we discussed our choice with the staff at our hotel, and they all spoke highly of the place. They also mentioned that it has the tendency to be quite popular on the [...]

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Oklahoma Aquarium Brings Sea Life To The Southwest

Visiting an aquarium in the middle of the United States may seem odd to some, but we were looking forward to this unique experience. The Oklahoma Aquarium is a great place for a family destination, and offers a nice selection of activities, along with some beautiful exhibits. We dropped by on a Saturday morning, and while we were some of the first to arrive, it didn't take long for the place to become a beehive of activity. We want to thank the Oklahoma Aquarium for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. A Landlocked Ocean The Oklahoma Aquarium is located in Jenks, Oklahoma, [...]

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Tremendous Treats At Antoinette Baking Co.

Whenever we travel we like to enjoy a few guilty pleasures. Eating dessert is not an everyday experience for us, so when the opportunity arises, we like to go bold. Antoinette Baking Company offered us a chance to do just that. This place was not on our radar, as I had not seen anything about it during my research. Fortunately, during a conversation at one of our earlier stops we were clued in on it. Like most cities we visit, the locals are always helpful in pointing us to the hidden gems. A Boutique Bakery We timed our visit to fall after dinner [...]

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Take The Mother Road To Tally’s Cafe

When visiting a new city, there are always a few iconic stops that just have to be experienced. In Tulsa, one of them is Tally's Good Food Cafe on the old Route 66. The restaurant opened on Friday the 13th in November of 1987. Open 7 days a week, Tally's serves breakfast (all day), lunch, and dinner to locals and travelers alike. We want to thank Tally's Good Food Cafe for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. An Iconic Look When Tally purchased the building, it had only one dining area, and was in need of lots of work. Since those early [...]

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