24 Hours in Weatherford, Oklahoma

Picture yourself cruising down the highway. A warm breeze blowing in the window as the miles of pavement roll by under your tires. Each new town and city brings another chance to explore the wonders of Americana. This is just the kind of experience you get when traveling along the path of the old Route 66. We have chosen to digest this 2448-mile path a little at a time, which allows more freedom for in-depth study. During our 24 hours in Weatherford, Oklahoma, we found educational attractions, delectable dishes, and plenty of friendly locals. First Taste of Weatherford, Oklahoma Cruising the road can [...]

6 Reasons To Visit The Stafford Air & Space Museum

For centuries people dreamed of taking flight. Watching the birds soaring through the air seemed to offer the freedom to explore life from a new perspective. While the invention of hot air balloons and gliders allowed glimpses into this new world, it was powered flight that would forever change the way that humans travel. During an excursion along Route 66, we made a stop in Weatherford, Oklahoma. Who would imagine that this town of 10,000 would be home to an impressive air travel museum? Being eager to learn how it ended up here, we stopped in and discovered 6 reasons to visit the [...]

History In The Heartland of America Museum

Cruising along Route 66 will lead you to some unique destinations. While the names on the map roll by like tumbleweeds, the people found in the cities along the way will plant themselves in your memory for years to come. A prime example was our visit with Nedra, who was happy to share a slice of the past with us. We were about ready to get a lesson of history in the Heartland of America Museum. Actually, that is the name of this out-of-the-way museum that we found in Weatherford, Oklahoma. Holder of the History One thing we have learned during our years [...]

Calling All Route 66 Lovers – Lucille’s Roadhouse

The Central United States is filled with a mixture of amazing destinations, although there can often be miles between stops. For decades, travelers have cruised the back-roads and highways that crisscross the country. One of the most iconic American highways was Route 66, which carried travelers from Chicago to Santa Monica. We love exploring the remnants of this historic road, as it provides ample opportunities to find a blast from the past. A prime example is Lucille's Roadhouse, which is calling all Route 66 lovers to visit Weatherford, Oklahoma. We want to thank Weatherford Tourism for hosting our lunch. Rest assured all opinions [...]

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OKC Streetcar – Coloring A New Downtown

When we really think about it, Oklahoma City and Kansas City have a lot in common. Both are located in the heart of the country and filled with welcoming residents. They are located on the I-35 corridor, which bisects our nation. They are both transportation hubs and share a history associated with the cattle industry. Something else that these two cities have in common is their new streetcars. Kansas City launched its RideKC operations in the spring of 2016, and Oklahoma City followed within a couple of years. A visit in the summer of 2019 showed us how the OKC Streetcar is coloring [...]

7 Reasons To Chow Down At Bedlam Bar-B-Q

By now, we are sure that you all know we love barbecue. Being from the Midwest, we have sauce coursing through our veins. Traveling across the continent has given us opportunities to sample this smoky cuisine in some unexpected locations. A visit to Oklahoma City would not be considered an unusual destination for 'Cue. When it was time to narrow down our restaurant choice to just one, well that is when it got tough. After doing a lot of research, we identified 7 reasons to chow down at Bedlam Bar-B-Q. With a long morning, filled with exploring the Oklahoma History Center, we were [...]

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Touching The Past – Oklahoma History Center

The idea of containing all of the history of a state in one location would be futile. Each one would be overflowing with a wealth of artifacts and information, that just couldn't be gathered in one place. Of course, many of the state museums do a fantastic job at detailing a wide variety of the history, which allows visitors to get a taste for how the region has developed over time. When we planned our visit to the Oklahoma History Center, we were hoping to find out more about our neighbor state to the south. We just didn't realize how much we would [...]

Bringing Brunch To Downtown Oklahoma City – Kitchen 324

You may have noticed that we have a thing for downtown areas of destinations we visit. Over the past few years, we are seeing more and more cities experiencing a revitalization of their urban regions. This return to the core has sparked the opening of some unique attractions, shops, and lodging options. Of course, when you create reasons for people to visit, you will need to be able to feed them. During a summer visit, we found that Kitchen 324 is bringing brunch to downtown Oklahoma City. We want to thank Visit OKC and Kitchen 324 for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions [...]

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Picking And Grinning At The American Banjo Museum

While the banjo did not get its start in America, it has certainly found a way into the culture of American music. I have had a fascination with this unique sounding instrument for many years. When our travels brought us back to Oklahoma City, it offered an opportunity I would not pass up a second time. Ever since my youth, I have watched banjo players picking and grinning, while evoking melodious tunes. A visit to the American Banjo Museum would offer a peek inside the history of this mysterious musical instrument. We want to thank Visit OKC and the American Banjo Museum for [...]

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Rocking The Classics At S&B’s Burger Joint

It's hard to beat a good burger for lunch. Wherever we travel, we always look to add at least one good burger joint to our itinerary. It never ceases to amaze us with the unique ways that eateries find to dress up this handheld staple. During a return visit to Oklahoma City, we had a chance to dine at S&B's Burger Joint. On this particular day, we were joined by Tabbi & Meg, from the Visit OKC tourism bureau. We love getting to spend time with our hosts, as we learn so much information about the city we are visiting. On this particular [...]

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