Arches National Park – Hiking In Wonderland

Planning a long road trip requires finding plenty of balance. The required driving time has to be offset with some enjoyable stops. I have found that the longer the drive, the bigger the reward should be at the end. Since this road trip was somewhat of a circular route, I had strategically placed a couple of the biggest hits on the way home. After our morning at Shoshone Falls, we were back on the road for another seven hours of drive time. Our day's excursion had brought us through Salt Lake City and deposited us in the Green River Valley. This would allow [...]

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24 Hours in Weatherford, Oklahoma

Picture yourself cruising down the highway. A warm breeze blowing in the window as the miles of pavement roll by under your tires. Each new town and city brings another chance to explore the wonders of Americana. This is just the kind of experience you get when traveling along the path of the old Route 66. We have chosen to digest this 2448-mile path a little at a time, which allows more freedom for in-depth study. During our 24 hours in Weatherford, Oklahoma, we found educational attractions, delectable dishes, and plenty of friendly locals. First Taste of Weatherford, Oklahoma Cruising the road can [...]

6 Reasons To Visit The Stafford Air & Space Museum

For centuries people dreamed of taking flight. Watching the birds soaring through the air seemed to offer the freedom to explore life from a new perspective. While the invention of hot air balloons and gliders allowed glimpses into this new world, it was powered flight that would forever change the way that humans travel. During an excursion along Route 66, we made a stop in Weatherford, Oklahoma. Who would imagine that this town of 10,000 would be home to an impressive air travel museum? Being eager to learn how it ended up here, we stopped in and discovered 6 reasons to visit the [...]

History In The Heartland of America Museum

Cruising along Route 66 will lead you to some unique destinations. While the names on the map roll by like tumbleweeds, the people found in the cities along the way will plant themselves in your memory for years to come. A prime example was our visit with Nedra, who was happy to share a slice of the past with us. We were about ready to get a lesson of history in the Heartland of America Museum. Actually, that is the name of this out-of-the-way museum that we found in Weatherford, Oklahoma. Holder of the History One thing we have learned during our years [...]

Calling All Route 66 Lovers – Lucille’s Roadhouse

The Central United States is filled with a mixture of amazing destinations, although there can often be miles between stops. For decades, travelers have cruised the back-roads and highways that crisscross the country. One of the most iconic American highways was Route 66, which carried travelers from Chicago to Santa Monica. We love exploring the remnants of this historic road, as it provides ample opportunities to find a blast from the past. A prime example is Lucille's Roadhouse, which is calling all Route 66 lovers to visit Weatherford, Oklahoma. We want to thank Weatherford Tourism for hosting our lunch. Rest assured all opinions [...]

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Dining On The Panhandle – Amarillo Eats

Can you imagine visiting a new destination and not trying out some of the local eateries? We always try to uncover those places that draw in the city's residents, since they usually have some of the best dishes. During our trip to Amarillo, we had plenty of opportunities to sample a wide range of restaurants. With so many great options, we are sure you will find dishes to satisfy even the pickiest eater. Let's take a look back at the variety we discovered while dining on the Panhandle. We want to thank Visit Amarillo and all of the local businesses for hosting this [...]

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Playing In The Panhandle – Amarillo Entertainment

When we are determining the first city to cover in a new state, we look for a place that offers something for all ages. After all, it's not a family vacation destination, if it doesn't appeal to everybody. Crystal and I have family in Texas but decided to start with a city far away from the areas we have frequented. The high plains of the Panhandle offered some experiences that we could not find anywhere else in the state. Sorting through all of the Amarillo entertainment options, we found lots of ways to spend time playing in the Panhandle. Obviously, we weren't able [...]

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Going Green For Breakfast – Girasol Bakery

When we plan out our trips, it seems that breakfast can be some of the most difficult stops to pick. While we enjoy a good down-home breakfast as much as the next person, those types of places don't make for very interesting articles. Since we want to offer plenty of options, finding an eatery that allows us the ability to showcase some unique dishes is a bonus. When we stopped at Girasol Cafe & Bakery, in Amarillo, we found ourselves going green for breakfast. Their use of fresh vegetables, fruits, and seasonings added a pop of color and loads of flavor to our [...]

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The New Game In Town – Amarillo Sod Poodles

Baseball is often referred to as "America's Favorite Pastime". The crack of the bat, roar of the crowd, and feeling of camaraderie that come with a baseball game are hard to match. When we were offered an opportunity to attend a game during our visit to Amarillo, there was no way we were going to pass it up. The Amarillo Sod Poodles, a Double-A franchise, was playing in their inaugural season in their new home. There is a new game in town, and we were going to watch it. After a hearty dinner at The Big Texan Steak Ranch, we were in the [...]

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Comfortable Elegance – Public House Amarillo

It seems that our fast-paced travel style can get us burning tons of calories, which is a good thing. Our desire to feature plenty of local dining options always has us on the lookout for unique stops. Amarillo, Texas was filled with choices galore, but we wanted to make sure that we took a little time to slow our pace. An evening meal at Public House offered us a moment of comfortable elegance in the Texas Panhandle. When we are traveling, we try to incorporate plenty of dining options that are family-friendly. While it is almost always just the two of us, we [...]

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