Walking On Beale Street

It goes without saying that a visit to Memphis has to include some time walking on Beale Street. Starting at the Mississippi River, the route travels almost 2 miles into the city. The iconic portion that many people picture is actually only about 5 blocks long. Packed with entertainment, shopping, and dining establishments, Beale Street is the place to find legendary music. Of course, it is so much more than that and this historic district has a past that is as colorful as the neon signs that illuminate the night. Schwab's Iconic Museum Beale Avenue traces its origin back to 1841 when it [...]

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Sunrise Memphis – Embracing Memphis Deliciously

Breakfast meals are some of the hardest to blog about on a consistent pace. While we all love a delectable start to our day, quite often the meals are cookie-cutter style and resemble many others we have enjoyed. It takes something out of the ordinary to help get the creative juices flowing for an article. During our 24 hours in Memphis, we needed to identify a good spot for breakfast. Sunrise Memphis fit the bill perfectly, as they are well-known for being a local favorite. It didn't take us long to realize that they are embracing Memphis deliciously by serving up some southern [...]

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Gaining Perspective – National Civil Rights Museum

There are moments in history that stand out on the timeline of world events. On April 4, 1968, the world would be forever changed by the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Our short time in Memphis limited our ability to tour the National Civil Rights Museum, but we still carved out time for a visit to the site of this heinous act against humanity. On a Sunday morning, we found the museum closed, but there are still plenty of outdoor exhibits to make a visit educational and worthwhile. For us, it was gaining perspective about the life of a man who helped [...]

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Watchful Eyes – Memphis Zoo

The current pandemic has wreaked havoc on our usual approach to travel. 2020 saw most sites closed or severely restricted. 2021 has brought some softening, which means that we were able to resume visits to major cities. For many years, we have had watchful eyes on a chance to visit Memphis, Tennessee. One of our itineraries would bring us close to the "Birthplace of Rock and Roll". With only one day to see as much as possible, we had to narrow down our must-see list. Topping the list was the Memphis Zoo, which is home to some species not found in zoological parks [...]

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