Smoky Mountain Road Trip Part 2 – Pancakes, and Mountains, and Bears. Oh My!

When we began our Great Smoky Mountain Road Trip, we were welcomed by the remnants of Hurricane Florence. Our itinerary had included a couple of days of indoor activities, so we moved those ahead to save the outdoor fun. Fortunately, the rain moved away in time for us to enjoy more pancakes, mountains and bears. It seems that vacation days pass much more quickly, so we planned to make the most of our remaining time. (If you haven't seen Part 1 of our trip, you can find it here.) Keeping Our Rhythm We were hitting our stride for visiting pancake restaurants. This morning, [...]

24 Hours in Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee

Many of our trips include multiple day stays in new destinations. Sometimes, our travel plans only allow for a short visit, which means we need to make the most of our available time. During our Smoky Mountain trip, we were only allotted 24 Hours in Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. While it may not seem like much time, you will be amazed at how much that can be done in a day. Let's rewind time and look at how we filled the moments in this Appalachian overlook. We want to thank the businesses of Knoxville for their hospitality. Rest assured all the opinions are our [...]

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Focusing On The Food At The Tomato Head

Businesses evolve over time, but the idea of good eats must remain a mainstay for them to be sustainable. The Tomato Head, in downtown Knoxville, is an example of a business that has embraced change. Located in the Market Square, this place is focusing on the food, and offers guests a variety of options to satisfy their lunch or dinner desires. Their motto is Food Gotta Cook, Don't Come Out Of A Can. With the promise of some fresh bites, we were anxious to let their food do the talking. Gathering Place Our arrival at The Tomato Head came about 28 years after its [...]

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East Tennessee History Museum -The Appalachian Connection

Understanding the background of the people in a region helps us to better connect with the residents we meet during our trips. To get this information, we find that a visit to the local history museum is a great start. The East Tennessee History Center is located in downtown Knoxville. Inside, we found plenty of information to help us see the progression of the area from wilderness to its current state. What makes up East Tennessee? Unlike a city museum, the East Tennessee History Center is brimming with artifacts from all around the region. Generally considered to be about a third of the [...]

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Farm Fresh Goodness At Cruze Farm Dairy

Ice cream happens to be one of our favorite treats, so a visit to Cruze Farm Dairy was a welcome stop. Our "foodie" friends in Knoxville, Tennessee had clued us in on this downtown destination. The buzz focused around the farm fresh taste of their products. After our first dinner date in Market Square, we made our way around the corner to investigate this sweet spot. Family First It was easy to find Cruze Farm dairy, since their neon ice cream cone sign hung out from the side of the building. Of course, the gathering of ice cream eaters was certainly a dead giveaway. [...]

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McClung Museum of Natural History – An Educational Museum For All Ages

Learning the history of a destination helps us better understand the principles on which it was founded. In Knoxville, we only had one day to gather all of the historical knowledge that we could absorb. A stop at McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture would certainly assist our endeavor. Located on the campus of the University of Tennessee, this educational museum is free to the public and designed to appeal to all ages. Our visit was in the Fall, so the campus was a beehive of activity. Even with an upcoming football game rally in the works, we were still able to [...]

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Farm To Table At Stock & Barrel

Farm to Table has become a catch phrase used by many businesses these days. During a visit to Market Square, in Knoxville, Tennessee, we had an opportunity to taste what that phrase is designed to represent. Market Square is a fun destination, filled with eclectic shops and delicious eateries. We had scoped out the area before our arrival, and determined that Stock & Barrel was one of the restaurants that we had to sample. Farm to Table at Stock & Barrel The principle behind the farm to table approach is fairly simple. Restaurants will source ingredients from local or regional growers to help [...]

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James White’s Fort – Exploring Knoxville’s Roots

Having an opportunity to learn more about the founding of a city makes our visit that much more special. James White Fort is the birthplace of Knoxville, Tennessee and was located close to our hotel in downtown. While the original arrival of White occurred in the early 1780's, this site wasn't restored until almost 200 years later. Once we arrived in Knoxville, this made a good first stop, since it sits just a couple blocks from our downtown lodging. We were excited for a chance to explore Knoxville's roots, before striking off into the downtown district. We would like to thank Visit Knoxville [...]

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Tupelo Honey – A Taste of Southern Style

Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee has a wide range of delicious eateries like Tupelo Honey Cafe. We found this place during our first visit to the Market Square, which was easy walking distance from our hotel. Since the mid-1800's, this neighborhood has been filled with businesses that attract workers and visitors alike. These days it is a vibrant destination district filled with fun shops, outdoor art, and interesting restaurants. Southern style exudes from these spaces, that are frequented by residents and tourists daily. Our First Taste of Knoxville Our visit to Knoxville was short, but we filled it with lots of sites. Having read a [...]

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