Visiting Melrose Plantation – Natchez National Historic Park

With only half of a day to explore Natchez, we had to work quickly to see as much as possible. Even as we toured, we could already see a return visit would be required. With that in mind, we decided to hit the biggest highlights of Mississippi's first city. A "must-see" for this short visit was the Natchez National Historic Park. What we originally believed to be one large park is actually four separate sites. To gain a better understanding of the atmosphere of the city in the mid-1800s, we planned for one of our stops to be at Melrose Plantation. Spotting Melrose [...]

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Mississippi Mound People – Grand Village Of The Natchez Indians

As we crossed the Mississippi River into Natchez, we could see the bluffs lining the eastern shore. Little did we know, this day would lead to an education lesson about the indigenous people who used to call this region home. Making our way through the city, we would eventually wind up at the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians. The 128-acre park is a great place to explore and learn about these Mississippi Mound People. Their trusting spirit would eventually lead to their demise. District Life It is hard to say when the Natchez first arrived in this region, but evidence points to [...]

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Biscuits And Blues – Natchez Hospitality

Getting the feel for a new destination requires sampling a little of the local cuisine. Since this trip was all about seeing the south, we wanted to embrace the foods that have become legendary. We had already received a good background on the history of Natchez, Mississippi at the local tourism bureau. It had been quite a while since our meager breakfast and we were feeling the urge to fill up. A short drive to downtown landed us at Biscuits and Blues, which held lots of promise for a heaping helping of southern hospitality. Biscuits and Blues The city of Natchez sits on [...]

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Natchez Visitors Center – Breaking New Ground

One of our favorite things about travel blogging is learning about new destinations. Our first visit to the state of Mississippi landed us in the oldest city. Natchez has sat high above the bluffs of the river since 1716. Of course, native people were already inhabiting the region long before the French settlers arrived. The mild climate and rich soil beckoned new arrivals from immigrants all over the globe. The mix of cultures is apparent in the architecture of the homes and buildings that make up Natchez. Our first stop would be the Natchez Visitors Center, to gain a better understanding of this [...]

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