Louisiana River Parishes – Exploring The River Road

Summer brings a combination of heat and humidity to the lands along the Gulf Coast. For some, this signals a move indoors or excursions to cooler climates. We embrace this season and find it offers the perfect timing for exploring life in the Louisiana River Parishes. After all, the atmosphere begs a person to slow down and thoroughly examine the details that surround them. While we had made multiple visits to nearby New Orleans, this trip would be our first to the lands that lie just west of the Crescent City. We want to thank the Louisiana River Parishes and these local businesses [...]

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Collection Of Flavors – Louisiana River Parishes

No matter where we wander, it's a given that we will be sampling some local cuisine when we arrive. During the planning of our Louisiana River Parishes excursion, we made sure to mix in a collection of flavors that would allow us to truly experience the cuisine options found in the region. I can tell you that this type of planning can leave a person with a high level of anticipation. While food may not be the only draw for us, checking out the local foodie scene is a bonus that we always enjoy. The flavors of the parishes embrace the local ingredients [...]

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Realities Of Enslaved Life – Destrehan Plantation

Exploring the Louisiana River Parishes offers visitors a glance inside the history of plantation life. Each plantation tour offers a different angle into the realities of enslaved life. Back in 1787, the lower Mississippi River Valley was prime acreage for the establishment of large farms. One of the first to be established was the Destrehan Plantation, located in St. Charles Parish. This would rise up to be home to one of the most successful sugar producers and serve as an important backdrop for the 1811 Slave Revolt.  We want to thank Louisiana River Parishes and Destrehan Plantation for hosting our visit. Rest assured [...]

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Artistic Cuisine – Truck Farm Tavern

They say that we first dine with our eyes. It's true that an appealing presentation makes a difference, but we feel it can go beyond the plate. Our visit to Truck Farm Tavern included an abundance of eye candy that decorates a large portion of the wall space. When you add that to the artistic cuisine delivered to our table, we found this visit to be wonderful. It made for an interesting departure from the local fare we had been enjoying at the regional Cajun restaurants that draw in tons of visitors each year. We want to thank Louisiana River Parishes and Truck [...]

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Breaking Point – 1811 Slave Revolt

It is said that history repeats itself. While this is true, the outcome will often change. Such is the case with the 1811 Slave Revolt in the Territory of Orleans. These days the region lies within the Louisiana River parishes. At that time, the area was known as the German Coast. A large number of enslaved black people had reached the breaking point and attempted an unsuccessful end to slavery at the sugar plantations. Our visit to the 1811 Kid Ory Historic House would help educate us about this event. We want to thank Louisiana River Parishes and the 1811 Kid Ory Historic [...]

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Navigating The Mighty Mississippi – Great River Road Steamboat Museum

In southern Louisiana, life revolves around the Mighty Mississippi River. For as long as man can remember, the river has brought life to this region. When the earliest French explorers arrived, they found the Houma tribe to be residing in what would become Louisiana. They understood the value of this impressive waterway which supplied a thoroughfare inland. Centuries later, it is still the river that calls to the people of the land. While the rise and fall have been controlled by levees, the river remains untamed. A new attraction in the Louisiana River Parishes is the Great River Road Steamboat Museum, which is [...]

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Smoky Goodness – Wayne Jacob’s Smokehouse

Throughout our travels, we have discovered that barbecue is a language understood by most people. The smoky goodness of this cuisine brings people together. Even in bayou country, which is known for its Cajun dishes, we uncovered a world-class BBQ joint. Traveling the backroads of the Louisiana River Parishes landed us in some delectable settings, including this stop at Wayne Jacob's Smokehouse & Restaurant. We could tell from the packed parking lot that we were in for an enjoyable experience. We want to thank Louisiana River Parishes and Wayne Jacob's Smokehouse for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own.  Local Life [...]

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Crown Jewel Of The River Road – Houmas House

The Mighty Mississippi River snakes its way through the River Parishes of southern Louisiana. Each twist and turn drags a bit more mud into the murky waters. Along its path, landowners carved out their segments of land that would grow into massive plantations. The use of enslaved labor would eventually be the downfall of the wealthy sugar barons. These days visitors can retrace the history of this region. Each plantation tells the story from a different perspective. We began our education at Houmas House, which is considered the crown jewel of the river road. We want to thank the Louisiana River Parishes and [...]

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Tastes Of The Land And Sea – B&C Cajun Restaurant

Travelers make their way to the Louisiana River Parishes for a variety of reasons. Tourism swirls around the plantation homes, sportfishing, and outdoor adventures. No matter what the main purpose of your visit, everyone will find themselves enjoying some local eateries. In fact, the dining scene was one of the largest draws for us. Before our arrival, visions of all kinds of southern dishes danced in our heads. We had memories of meals we enjoyed in New Orleans.  When we finally arrived, we were greeted by the tastes of the land and sea. We want to thank Louisiana River Parishes and B&C Seafood [...]

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Spirit of New Orleans

Let's be honest, there are good and bad things that come with being travel bloggers. One of the best things is the opportunity to experience so many amazing cities throughout North America. While we will usually only stay for two or three days, we can pack a lot of fun in a little time. With so many great places to explore, it becomes difficult for us to find time to return to a city for more research. New Orleans is a prime example of this. Our last visit had been many years, and in fact was the year prior to Hurricane Katrina. When [...]

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