Intergalactic Entertainment – Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Long ago (actually the 1970s), we were introduced to a new level of movie-making. I can remember standing in line waiting to view a newly released film, named Star Wars. We had no idea what to expect, but an entire generation was introduced to intergalactic entertainment. The use of CGI helped transport us to distant planets where we cheered on the rebellion in their stand against the Galactic Empire. Over the subsequent movies, the storylines developed to incorporate many characters that we've grown to love. The franchise has continued to roll, but to be honest, we have fallen off from keeping up with [...]

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Immersive Experience At Universal Studios Orlando

What are some of your earliest memories of amusement parks? While researching a visit to Universal Studios Orlando, I discovered that the first modern amusement parks began along the east coast. We are all likely familiar with the name Coney Island and it was home to one of these fun fixtures way back in 1895. I wonder if the pioneers of these parks ever dreamed of the day that you would find an immersive experience as we found in Florida. Today's theme parks are expansive areas filled with themed spaces designed to whisk visitors away to a magical world. Needing a break from [...]

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