Interactive Opportunities Abound In Bentonville, Arkansas

During our travels, we like to figure out what each city has for an overarching theme. Bentonville, Arkansas has focused on creating an urban area filled with interactive opportunities. No matter your activity level, there is plenty to occupy your time during a visit. We were pleased to discover food and fun designed to appeal to a wide spectrum of tourists, as well as the locals. In this article, we will highlight some of the experiences we encountered during our visit. You can find more details in the individual articles we have already posted in our Bentonville category. We want to thank Visit [...]

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4 Reasons to Visit The Buttered Biscuit

Southern cooking is all about comfort, so you know we love it. While some would consider Bentonville, Arkansas to be the northern edge of the south, we found it gives them a unique position in the culinary world. This vibrant city has a ton of interesting dining options that capture the flavors of the region. We were enjoying sampling all of the flavors that flow around the city. It seemed like each meal brought a new twist on southern cuisine. For our final meal, we made a stop at The Buttered Biscuit. Let's check out the 4 reasons to visit this homestyle eatery. [...]

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Embracing Nature – Crystal Bridges Museum Of American Art

When you travel to the home base of Walmart, you can expect big things. The Walton family has been diligent in giving back to the community and Bentonville has certainly prospered from this relationship. A prime example of this is the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Creating a world-class art museum is an expensive endeavor. Making it free to the public moves it to an epic level. Looking out at the campus, it's obvious the architect was embracing nature with their design. We placed a visit high on our priority list during our planning stage. We want to thank Visit Bentonville and [...]

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Familiar Territory – The Preacher’s Son

Downtown Bentonville is filled with a bunch of great dining options. When we were researching our upcoming visit, one name piqued our interest. Being a minister's son, the premise behind The Preacher's Son sounded intriguing. Working with Visit Bentonville, we were able to make our visit a reality. When the day arrived, we found ourselves in familiar territory, as we made our way to the restaurant. Having read a little about this upscale eatery and its head chef, Neal Gray, we were anxious to sample their menu. We want to thank Visit Bentonville and The Preacher's Son for hosting our visit. Rest assured [...]

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Walk Through Time – Walmart Museum

It would be a safe bet that nearly everyone is aware of Walmart. For years, they have dominated the chain store landscape by implementing some unique policies. It's hard to believe it, but the Arkansas-based company will celebrate 50 years in 2022. This mega-chain came from a rather humble beginning way back in 1962. It was in Rogers, Arkansas, that Sam Walton launched a new idea for retail sales that would become what we see today. We dropped by the Walmart Museum, in downtown Bentonville, to walk through time and learn more about their early days. The museum is easy to spot since [...]

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Refined Country Cuisine – The Hive

Growing up, I spent a number of summers staying in the country with my grandparents. That means I have enjoyed plenty of delectable homecooked meals. These days, we find ourselves frequenting more restaurants, which means fewer of those family-style dinners. During our visit to Bentonville, we found ourselves dining at one of the downtown hotels. When The Hive was added to our itinerary, our hope was that we would experience some refined country cuisine. Stepping into their uncommon décor, we found ourselves in a beehive of dining bliss. We want to thank Visit Bentonville and The Hive for hosting our visit. Rest assured [...]

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Cultural Chow Down – 8th Street Market

Bentonville has embarked on a plan to link its downtown with other entertainment districts around town. As we explored more of the city, we found ourselves becoming jealous of how successful they have become at integrating culture and community. A short distance from downtown, we discovered the 8th Street Market district. Designed as a community-focused food hub, this urban destination brings visitors together for food and fun. With our appetites raging, we were ready for a cultural chow down. We want to thank Visit Bentonville and the 8th Street Market businesses for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our own.  Welcoming [...]

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Facing The Past – M.O.N.A.H.

These days it is too easy to forget about the earliest residents in the lands we call home. So much of our lives revolve around the daily activities that we have disconnected ourselves from our history. That is what makes visits to places like the Museum Of Native American History so important. Finding a cultural center that focuses on the various cultures that inhabited the Americas is a welcome treat. We cleared our schedule to allow for time to investigate this FREE museum and we soon found ourselves facing the past in Bentonville, Arkansas. We want to thank Visit Bentonville and M.O.N.A.H. for [...]

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Nature Break – Coler Mountain Bike Preserve

Walks in the woods help us maintain our bond with Mother Nature. Since the majority of our travels focus on the downtown districts, we relish the opportunity for a nature break. Bentonville has worked hard to incorporate nature and city into a mish-mash that blends the line. Striving to become the "Mountain Biking Capital of America" has created a focus on healthy lifestyles in the heart of Northwest Arkansas. We made a short side trip to Coler Mountain Bike Preserve to see how this Ozark city has bonded with the biking community. We want to thank Visit Bentonville for hosting our visit. Rest [...]

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Airborne Inspiration – Louise At Thaden Field

Having a meal at an airport is not usually high on people's list of entertaining dining. When the suggestion came from our friends at Visit Bentonville, we just knew there was more to this story. Thaden Field is a local airport that serves private traffic. Unlike most places of this type, they also feature an in-house restaurant that is open to the public. Louise, which is named for a local aviation heroine, offers diners an experience unlike any other in town. We dropped in for some coffee, conversation, and a heaping helping of airborne inspiration. We want to thank Visit Bentonville for hosting [...]

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