Refined Country Cuisine – The Hive

Growing up, I spent a number of summers staying in the country with my grandparents. That means I have enjoyed plenty of delectable homecooked meals. These days, we find ourselves frequenting more restaurants, which means fewer of those family-style dinners. During our visit to Bentonville, we found ourselves dining at one of the downtown hotels. When The Hive was added to our itinerary, our hope was that we would experience some refined country cuisine. Stepping into their uncommon décor, we found ourselves in a beehive of dining bliss. We want to thank Visit Bentonville and The Hive for hosting our visit. Rest assured [...]

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Cultural Chow Down – 8th Street Market

Bentonville has embarked on a plan to link its downtown with other entertainment districts around town. As we explored more of the city, we found ourselves becoming jealous of how successful they have become at integrating culture and community. A short distance from downtown, we discovered the 8th Street Market district. Designed as a community-focused food hub, this urban destination brings visitors together for food and fun. With our appetites raging, we were ready for a cultural chow down. We want to thank Visit Bentonville and the 8th Street Market businesses for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our own.  Welcoming [...]

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Facing The Past – M.O.N.A.H.

These days it is too easy to forget about the earliest residents in the lands we call home. So much of our lives revolve around the daily activities that we have disconnected ourselves from our history. That is what makes visits to places like the Museum Of Native American History so important. Finding a cultural center that focuses on the various cultures that inhabited the Americas is a welcome treat. We cleared our schedule to allow for time to investigate this FREE museum and we soon found ourselves facing the past in Bentonville, Arkansas. We want to thank Visit Bentonville and M.O.N.A.H. for [...]

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Nature Break – Coler Mountain Bike Preserve

Walks in the woods help us maintain our bond with Mother Nature. Since the majority of our travels focus on the downtown districts, we relish the opportunity for a nature break. Bentonville has worked hard to incorporate nature and city into a mish-mash that blends the line. Striving to become the "Mountain Biking Capital of America" has created a focus on healthy lifestyles in the heart of Northwest Arkansas. We made a short side trip to Coler Mountain Bike Preserve to see how this Ozark city has bonded with the biking community. We want to thank Visit Bentonville for hosting our visit. Rest [...]

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Airborne Inspiration – Louise At Thaden Field

Having a meal at an airport is not usually high on people's list of entertaining dining. When the suggestion came from our friends at Visit Bentonville, we just knew there was more to this story. Thaden Field is a local airport that serves private traffic. Unlike most places of this type, they also feature an in-house restaurant that is open to the public. Louise, which is named for a local aviation heroine, offers diners an experience unlike any other in town. We dropped in for some coffee, conversation, and a heaping helping of airborne inspiration. We want to thank Visit Bentonville for hosting [...]

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Being Childish – Scott Family Amazeum

It has been said that we grow old when we stop playing. If this is true, then we should remain young forever. Visits to science-based play zones have become a popular all-ages experience. In Bentonville, the Scott Family Amazeum offers a fun way to learn while you play. We will sometimes get a sideways glance at these places, but these days most people figure that we are doing research. It's kind of funny to think of it as research, when in reality it's just having a great time. There is something to be said for having an opportunity to keep being childish. We [...]

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Downtown Little Rock – Our Top Stops

2018 was a capital year for us, as it relates to traveling. We were able to visit four state capitals, including Little Rock, Arkansas. In each of these cities, we spent the majority of our time in the downtown areas. Each one offered a different experience, but we found a common thread between all of them. In each city, they are seeing a resurgence of interest in their urban cores. This has led to an increase in commerce, which gives visitors plenty of options for food, shopping, and entertainment. The Clinton Presidential Library sits downtown Little Rock, and draws thousands of visitors annually. [...]

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Sampling The Flavors Of Little Rock

Little Rock, Arkansas offers visitors many ways to sample the flavors of the city. While the restaurant scene is flourishing, we found that there are some other unique options where you can discover amazing tastes. Our visit only covered about three days, but you will see that during that period we uncovered a wide variety of eats. We want to thank the Little Rock CVB and its businesses for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. The Root Cafe One of the key restaurants that we planned to visit was The Root Cafe. This locally owned and operated eatery is making waves on a [...]

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Historic Arkansas Museum – Where History Comes To Life

Little Rock is a city filled with history and we love to learn about the beginnings of the destinations we visit. A stop at the Historic Arkansas Museum was sure to provide a good backdrop for us to find out about the start of the river town. Little did we realize that here we would see history come to life. Located in the heart of the downtown River Market section of the city made it a perfect fit for us, since our lodging was only a couple of blocks away. (Read more about the River Walk area here.) Start at the Beginning After [...]

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Central High School – Conflict In Little Rock

Being at the forefront of the national news is something that many cities would dream of, but not when it is due to public strife. While the conflict at Central High School was 60 years ago, we still see some of the struggles continuing today. Little Rock, Arkansas may have been the backdrop for this particular integration crisis, but it was by no means the only stage where the drama was being played out. Free, But Not Free The Conflict in Little Rock originated with the Supreme Court ruling that states could not legally separate black and white students in different schools. Being from Kansas, the [...]

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