7 Sensational Stops In Downtown Mobile

Have you ever found yourselves with just one day to see as much of a new destination as possible? This would be the situation we faced when we made our first excursion into Alabama. A peaceful beach vacation is obviously not something we can do, so we decided to add a day trip to the mix. Since we were staying on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, it was just a hop, skip, and jump to reach Mobile. Starting with our usual early morning departures, we found ourselves crossing into the Cotton State in about one hour. Thirty minutes later and we were on our [...]

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Something To Taco Bout – Roosters

Exploring a new destination can really work up an appetite. Okay, let's be honest about it. Sometimes there are just so many great foodie spots that we have to find a way to squeeze in a few. That was definitely the case during our downtown excursion in Mobile, Alabama. Even though we weren't really starving, the delectable aromas wafting out of Roosters were drawing us in. What the heck, we are always ready for a snacking moment and this place looked to give us something to taco bout. I Found My Thrill As we stood on the threshold of the entrance, we noticed [...]

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Moving A City Forward – History Museum of Mobile

The stories behind each city we visit, help us to draw an image of how it achieved its current shape. Most places have a linear history that usually springs from just a few influences. Then, every once in a while, we will discover a history as broad as that in Mobile, Alabama. Having been influenced by France, Britain, and Spain means that there is a broad tapestry of cultures to be found in and around the city. Moving a city forward takes deliberate planning and we were interested in learning how the founders of Mobile had pulled it off. A visit to the [...]

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Eclectic Eats in Lower Alabama – Squid Ink

Our first foray into Lower Alabama ended up filled with unique experiences. We spent a good bit of time exploring one thoroughfare in this historic southern city. Dauphin Street was one of the original from when the city was founded. It was designed to be the principal commercial avenue and it has held that distinction to this day. A blend of retail, and dining makes this the perfect place for some eclectic eats and people watching. Spying the small blue shopfront of Squid Ink intrigued us and sealed the deal for our lunch destination. Funky Vibe Stepping through the door, we found that [...]

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Sugar Pillows For The Win – Mo’Bay Beignets

Mobile presented us with our first tastes of Alabama life. As we rolled into town, we were greeted with the sights of 300 years of coastal living. We were eager to immerse ourselves in the history of the city, but first, we needed a little sustenance. Previous visits to the south proved we knew that they have a fondness for a specific fried pastry delight. We weren't about to pass up an opportunity to sample some beignets on this trip. Off to Mo'Bay Beignet Co. to get us some sugar pillows for the win. We want to thank Visit Mobile for hosting our [...]

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Carving A Space In The New World – Fort Conde

Nearly three-quarters of a century before the Revolutionary War, the city of Mobile sprang to life. At that time, the lands were claimed by France. Time would find this ownership tenuous, as they struggled to ward off enemy advances. With this being our first Alabama visit, we wanted to get in touch with the history of the city. A tour of Fort Conde is a "must-see" since it is so integral to the founding of the city. Here we would get a glimpse of how the early players were carving a space in the New World. The current structures are reproductions of the [...]

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Party In The New World – Mobile Carnival Museum

When Mardi Gras is mentioned, most people picture the revelry that revolves around Bourbon Street in the French Quarter section of New Orleans. To be honest, we were in that group for way too long. It would take a trip to Mobile, Alabama to help us learn the true origin of this party in the New World. Among our planned stops was a visit to the Mobile Carnival Museum. This would be the place that opened our eyes to a tradition that has surpassed the 300-year mark. We want to thank Visit Mobile and the Mobile Carnival Museum for their hospitality. Rest assured [...]

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