Refined Country Cuisine – The Hive

Growing up, I spent a number of summers staying in the country with my grandparents. That means I have enjoyed plenty of delectable homecooked meals. These days, we find ourselves frequenting more restaurants, which means fewer of those family-style dinners. During our visit to Bentonville, we found ourselves dining at one of the downtown hotels. When The Hive was added to our itinerary, our hope was that we would experience some refined country cuisine. Stepping into their uncommon décor, we found ourselves in a beehive of dining bliss. We want to thank Visit Bentonville and The Hive for hosting our visit. Rest assured [...]

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Realities Of Enslaved Life – Destrehan Plantation

Exploring the Louisiana River Parishes offers visitors a glance inside the history of plantation life. Each plantation tour offers a different angle into the realities of enslaved life. Back in 1787, the lower Mississippi River Valley was prime acreage for the establishment of large farms. One of the first to be established was the Destrehan Plantation, located in St. Charles Parish. This would rise up to be home to one of the most successful sugar producers and serve as an important backdrop for the 1811 Slave Revolt.  We want to thank Louisiana River Parishes and Destrehan Plantation for hosting our visit. Rest assured [...]

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Something To Taco Bout – Roosters

Exploring a new destination can really work up an appetite. Okay, let's be honest about it. Sometimes there are just so many great foodie spots that we have to find a way to squeeze in a few. That was definitely the case during our downtown excursion in Mobile, Alabama. Even though we weren't really starving, the delectable aromas wafting out of Roosters were drawing us in. What the heck, we are always ready for a snacking moment and this place looked to give us something to taco bout. I Found My Thrill As we stood on the threshold of the entrance, we noticed [...]

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Cultural Chow Down – 8th Street Market

Bentonville has embarked on a plan to link its downtown with other entertainment districts around town. As we explored more of the city, we found ourselves becoming jealous of how successful they have become at integrating culture and community. A short distance from downtown, we discovered the 8th Street Market district. Designed as a community-focused food hub, this urban destination brings visitors together for food and fun. With our appetites raging, we were ready for a cultural chow down. We want to thank Visit Bentonville and the 8th Street Market businesses for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our own.  Welcoming [...]

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Artistic Cuisine – Truck Farm Tavern

They say that we first dine with our eyes. It's true that an appealing presentation makes a difference, but we feel it can go beyond the plate. Our visit to Truck Farm Tavern included an abundance of eye candy that decorates a large portion of the wall space. When you add that to the artistic cuisine delivered to our table, we found this visit to be wonderful. It made for an interesting departure from the local fare we had been enjoying at the regional Cajun restaurants that draw in tons of visitors each year. We want to thank Louisiana River Parishes and Truck [...]

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Moving A City Forward – History Museum of Mobile

The stories behind each city we visit, help us to draw an image of how it achieved its current shape. Most places have a linear history that usually springs from just a few influences. Then, every once in a while, we will discover a history as broad as that in Mobile, Alabama. Having been influenced by France, Britain, and Spain means that there is a broad tapestry of cultures to be found in and around the city. Moving a city forward takes deliberate planning and we were interested in learning how the founders of Mobile had pulled it off. A visit to the [...]

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Facing The Past – M.O.N.A.H.

These days it is too easy to forget about the earliest residents in the lands we call home. So much of our lives revolve around the daily activities that we have disconnected ourselves from our history. That is what makes visits to places like the Museum Of Native American History so important. Finding a cultural center that focuses on the various cultures that inhabited the Americas is a welcome treat. We cleared our schedule to allow for time to investigate this FREE museum and we soon found ourselves facing the past in Bentonville, Arkansas. We want to thank Visit Bentonville and M.O.N.A.H. for [...]

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Breaking Point – 1811 Slave Revolt

It is said that history repeats itself. While this is true, the outcome will often change. Such is the case with the 1811 Slave Revolt in the Territory of Orleans. These days the region lies within the Louisiana River parishes. At that time, the area was known as the German Coast. A large number of enslaved black people had reached the breaking point and attempted an unsuccessful end to slavery at the sugar plantations. Our visit to the 1811 Kid Ory Historic House would help educate us about this event. We want to thank Louisiana River Parishes and the 1811 Kid Ory Historic [...]

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Eclectic Eats in Lower Alabama – Squid Ink

Our first foray into Lower Alabama ended up filled with unique experiences. We spent a good bit of time exploring one thoroughfare in this historic southern city. Dauphin Street was one of the original from when the city was founded. It was designed to be the principal commercial avenue and it has held that distinction to this day. A blend of retail, and dining makes this the perfect place for some eclectic eats and people watching. Spying the small blue shopfront of Squid Ink intrigued us and sealed the deal for our lunch destination. Funky Vibe Stepping through the door, we found that [...]

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Nature Break – Coler Mountain Bike Preserve

Walks in the woods help us maintain our bond with Mother Nature. Since the majority of our travels focus on the downtown districts, we relish the opportunity for a nature break. Bentonville has worked hard to incorporate nature and city into a mish-mash that blends the line. Striving to become the "Mountain Biking Capital of America" has created a focus on healthy lifestyles in the heart of Northwest Arkansas. We made a short side trip to Coler Mountain Bike Preserve to see how this Ozark city has bonded with the biking community. We want to thank Visit Bentonville for hosting our visit. Rest [...]

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