Smoky Mountain Road Trip Part 2 – Pancakes, and Mountains, and Bears. Oh My!

When we began our Great Smoky Mountain Road Trip, we were welcomed by the remnants of Hurricane Florence. Our itinerary had included a couple of days of indoor activities, so we moved those ahead to save the outdoor fun. Fortunately, the rain moved away in time for us to enjoy more pancakes, mountains and bears. It seems that vacation days pass much more quickly, so we planned to make the most of our remaining time. (If you haven't seen Part 1 of our trip, you can find it here.) Keeping Our Rhythm We were hitting our stride for visiting pancake restaurants. This morning, [...]

Smoky Mountain Road Trip Part 1 – Rainy Days and Fun Days

For years, Crystal has wanted to visit the Great Smoky Mountains. In her youth, she passed through the region on a road trip, but had not visited as an adult. Being mountain lovers, we felt it was time to remedy this oversight. We were experiencing a warm September, as we headed off on our Smoky Mountain Road Trip. The weather in Kansas City had been filled with sunshine and lots of yard work. The Appalachian Mountains were preparing for the inflow of the remnants of Hurricane Florence, which had made landfall in the Carolinas. Knowing what was coming, we were able to plan [...]

Oddities Galore At Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

If you have traveled to some of the touristy destinations you may have seen one of unique structures that house Ripley's Believe It or Not attractions worldwide. The outside of these oddity museums are designed to draw the attention of people passing by. What is found on the inside is just as unusual and startling. Ripley's coined the phrase "Odditorium" to describe their entertaining collection of artifacts and exhibits. We dropped by their Gatlinburg, Tennessee location to check out the oddities galore that are found inside. We want to thank Ripley's for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own. People Person [...]

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America’s Best Free Attraction – Cades Cove

A trip to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is an opportunity to get back to nature on a grand scale. Our visit required catching breaks between days of showers, which were coming from the remnants of a recent hurricane. By shifting our schedule around, we were able to enjoy a couple of days of exploring in one of the most visited parks in the nation. During our planning stage for the trip, we identified Cades Cove as a "must see" section of the park. With a full day of sunshine being forecasted, we were not going to pass up this opportunity to [...]

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A Pancake Tour of Gatlinburg

Wherever we travel it is our goal to help showcase some of the local eateries. In most cities, we try to feature a cross section of cuisines to allow our readers plenty of options. Most of the meal decisions are made long before our trip, so we can narrow down our destinations. Once in a while, we will happen upon a city that offers what can only be described as an excess of one particular food item. Our visit to the Smoky Mountains allowed us an opportunity for a pancake tour of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Stacks of Flapjacks We are sure most of you [...]

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Blue Ridge Parkway – The Road To The Top

Tooling through the Appalachian Mountains is like stepping back in time. This well eroded mountain chain is one of the oldest on the planet and offers some amazing vistas. That is, when the mist and fog are not too heavy. Since our visit landed smack dab during the remnants of a hurricane, we altered our schedule to take our mountain cruise along the Blue Ridge Parkway on an overcast day. We knew it would make the views less than perfect, but were positive they would still be wonderful. Southern Start The Blue Ridge parkway is 469 miles long, so we knew that only [...]

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Become A Record Setter At Guinness World Records

How many of you remember curling up with a copy of the Guinness Book of World Records? It was always amazing to read about the various accomplishments that could get you into this annual tome. As youths, we would daydream about becoming the next big record setter in some odd or outlandish scheme. Little did we know, that we would actually have an opportunity to challenge ourselves to become a record setter. During our Smoky Mountain trip, we visited the Ripley's Guinness World Records Adventure in Gatlinburg. We certainly weren't going to pass up an opportunity to make it into the record books. [...]

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Frontier Food At Crockett’s 1875 Breakfast Camp

Finding breakfast foods in Gatlinburg, Tennessee is about as easy as falling off of a log. It seems like every other restaurant is dishing up some sort of country eats. With a day of Smoky Mountain hiking planned, we needed something that would stick with us and fuel our morning. Those early settlers in the region started their day with hearty meals, so we looked for something similar. One of the most visually appealing spaces on the strip is just a couple of blocks from the national park entrance. We were hoping to find frontier food at Crockett's 1875 Breakfast Camp. Mr. Maples [...]

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Spirit of New Orleans

Let's be honest, there are good and bad things that come with being travel bloggers. One of the best things is the opportunity to experience so many amazing cities throughout North America. While we will usually only stay for two or three days, we can pack a lot of fun in a little time. With so many great places to explore, it becomes difficult for us to find time to return to a city for more research. New Orleans is a prime example of this. Our last visit had been many years, and in fact was the year prior to Hurricane Katrina. When [...]

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Climbing Clingmans Dome

The Smoky Mountains are an area that has been on our travel radar for years. We have made visits to the Rocky and Ozark ranges, but the Appalachians have always been another trip away. When we finally made our way there, we wanted to be sure to experience as much as possible. Using Gatlinburg for a home base, we had multiple excursions planned inside the national park. Climbing Clingmans Dome was one of those visits. The Hike At a height of 6,643 feet, Clingmans Dome is the highest peak along the Appalachian Trail. It also happens to be the highest point in Tennessee. [...]

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