Judge Parker’s Court – Facing The Hanging Judge

Real life is often more sensational than make believe. Being a fan of westerns, I was excited to finally visit Fort Smith, Arkansas. It was in this city that a real life legend held court during the Wild West days. While many are unaware of Judge Parker's court, it left an indelible mark on the history of the American West. Our visit to Fort Smith included a wide range of experiences, but learning more about facing "the Hanging Judge" was high on our list of must-dos. We want to thank Experience Fort Smith and the Fort Smith National Historic Site for hosting our visit. Rest [...]

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Bricktown Brewery – Fort Smith First Tastes

It seems to me that I'm always hungry when we arrive at a new destination. While this could be tied to the length of time spent in the car, often it is more about getting to know the culinary vibe of the city. We always hear about the importance of first impressions, but what about first tastes? Our visit to Fort Smith was focused on the downtown region, which is filled with enticing eateries. The compact nature of the area makes it easy to navigate by foot, so we ditched the car and headed off toward Bricktown Brewery for our first meal. We [...]

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3 History Lessons From Fort Smith Museum Of History

The story of Fort Smith begins with the Louisiana Purchase. Before this, the lands along the Arkansas River were used by nomadic Native Indians. A military post, erected in 1817, signaled the beginning of the town, which sprung up along the eastern shores of the river. The fort, and subsequent city, were named after Thomas Adams Smith, a brigadier general in the War of 1812. Since we were about to embark on the exploration of the city, we felt it was wise to get some historical context. A stop at the Fort Smith Museum of History would help. While the city is filled [...]

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Intergalactic Entertainment – Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Long ago (actually the 1970s), we were introduced to a new level of movie-making. I can remember standing in line waiting to view a newly released film, named Star Wars. We had no idea what to expect, but an entire generation was introduced to intergalactic entertainment. The use of CGI helped transport us to distant planets where we cheered on the rebellion in their stand against the Galactic Empire. Over the subsequent movies, the storylines developed to incorporate many characters that we've grown to love. The franchise has continued to roll, but to be honest, we have fallen off from keeping up with [...]

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Preserving The Past – Experience Fort Smith

Like many frequent travelers, we have a list of destinations that we hope to visit in our lifetimes. Every once in a while, we will discover one that has flown below our radar. This was the case for Fort Smith, Arkansas. The city's slogan is "Where the New South meets the Old West". It is one of the largest cities in Arkansas, with around 90,000 residents. Its position along the Oklahoma border meant that it was on the edge of the Western Frontier. While the days of the wild west are long gone, the city has worked hard at preserving the past. We [...]

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Immersive Experience At Universal Studios Orlando

What are some of your earliest memories of amusement parks? While researching a visit to Universal Studios Orlando, I discovered that the first modern amusement parks began along the east coast. We are all likely familiar with the name Coney Island and it was home to one of these fun fixtures way back in 1895. I wonder if the pioneers of these parks ever dreamed of the day that you would find an immersive experience as we found in Florida. Today's theme parks are expansive areas filled with themed spaces designed to whisk visitors away to a magical world. Needing a break from [...]

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Magical Moments – Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

It may be best to begin this article with a disclaimer. Our daughter is a huge fan of Harry Potter, but Crystal and I approach this book-based series a little less seriously. A monumental dual occasion provided the three of us a reason to head to Orlando for some magical moments. The start of 2022 saw me reach 40 years at my day job, while our daughter, Amanda, reached the same number of circuits around the sun. To celebrate, we decided to do something out of the ordinary, which included exploring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, at Universal Studios. While two of [...]

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Visiting Melrose Plantation – Natchez National Historic Park

With only half of a day to explore Natchez, we had to work quickly to see as much as possible. Even as we toured, we could already see a return visit would be required. With that in mind, we decided to hit the biggest highlights of Mississippi's first city. A "must-see" for this short visit was the Natchez National Historic Park. What we originally believed to be one large park is actually four separate sites. To gain a better understanding of the atmosphere of the city in the mid-1800s, we planned for one of our stops to be at Melrose Plantation. Spotting Melrose [...]

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Interactive Opportunities Abound In Bentonville, Arkansas

During our travels, we like to figure out what each city has for an overarching theme. Bentonville, Arkansas has focused on creating an urban area filled with interactive opportunities. No matter your activity level, there is plenty to occupy your time during a visit. We were pleased to discover food and fun designed to appeal to a wide spectrum of tourists, as well as the locals. In this article, we will highlight some of the experiences we encountered during our visit. You can find more details in the individual articles we have already posted in our Bentonville category. We want to thank Visit [...]

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Mississippi Mound People – Grand Village Of The Natchez Indians

As we crossed the Mississippi River into Natchez, we could see the bluffs lining the eastern shore. Little did we know, this day would lead to an education lesson about the indigenous people who used to call this region home. Making our way through the city, we would eventually wind up at the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians. The 128-acre park is a great place to explore and learn about these Mississippi Mound People. Their trusting spirit would eventually lead to their demise. District Life It is hard to say when the Natchez first arrived in this region, but evidence points to [...]

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