Walking On Beale Street

It goes without saying that a visit to Memphis has to include some time walking on Beale Street. Starting at the Mississippi River, the route travels almost 2 miles into the city. The iconic portion that many people picture is actually only about 5 blocks long. Packed with entertainment, shopping, and dining establishments, Beale Street is the place to find legendary music. Of course, it is so much more than that and this historic district has a past that is as colorful as the neon signs that illuminate the night. Schwab's Iconic Museum Beale Avenue traces its origin back to 1841 when it [...]

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4 Reasons to Visit The Buttered Biscuit

Southern cooking is all about comfort, so you know we love it. While some would consider Bentonville, Arkansas to be the northern edge of the south, we found it gives them a unique position in the culinary world. This vibrant city has a ton of interesting dining options that capture the flavors of the region. We were enjoying sampling all of the flavors that flow around the city. It seemed like each meal brought a new twist on southern cuisine. For our final meal, we made a stop at The Buttered Biscuit. Let's check out the 4 reasons to visit this homestyle eatery. [...]

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Biscuits And Blues – Natchez Hospitality

Getting the feel for a new destination requires sampling a little of the local cuisine. Since this trip was all about seeing the south, we wanted to embrace the foods that have become legendary. We had already received a good background on the history of Natchez, Mississippi at the local tourism bureau. It had been quite a while since our meager breakfast and we were feeling the urge to fill up. A short drive to downtown landed us at Biscuits and Blues, which held lots of promise for a heaping helping of southern hospitality. Biscuits and Blues The city of Natchez sits on [...]

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Embracing Nature – Crystal Bridges Museum Of American Art

When you travel to the home base of Walmart, you can expect big things. The Walton family has been diligent in giving back to the community and Bentonville has certainly prospered from this relationship. A prime example of this is the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Creating a world-class art museum is an expensive endeavor. Making it free to the public moves it to an epic level. Looking out at the campus, it's obvious the architect was embracing nature with their design. We placed a visit high on our priority list during our planning stage. We want to thank Visit Bentonville and [...]

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Sunrise Memphis – Embracing Memphis Deliciously

Breakfast meals are some of the hardest to blog about on a consistent pace. While we all love a delectable start to our day, quite often the meals are cookie-cutter style and resemble many others we have enjoyed. It takes something out of the ordinary to help get the creative juices flowing for an article. During our 24 hours in Memphis, we needed to identify a good spot for breakfast. Sunrise Memphis fit the bill perfectly, as they are well-known for being a local favorite. It didn't take us long to realize that they are embracing Memphis deliciously by serving up some southern [...]

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Louisiana River Parishes – Exploring The River Road

Summer brings a combination of heat and humidity to the lands along the Gulf Coast. For some, this signals a move indoors or excursions to cooler climates. We embrace this season and find it offers the perfect timing for exploring life in the Louisiana River Parishes. After all, the atmosphere begs a person to slow down and thoroughly examine the details that surround them. While we had made multiple visits to nearby New Orleans, this trip would be our first to the lands that lie just west of the Crescent City. We want to thank the Louisiana River Parishes and these local businesses [...]

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Familiar Territory – The Preacher’s Son

Downtown Bentonville is filled with a bunch of great dining options. When we were researching our upcoming visit, one name piqued our interest. Being a minister's son, the premise behind The Preacher's Son sounded intriguing. Working with Visit Bentonville, we were able to make our visit a reality. When the day arrived, we found ourselves in familiar territory, as we made our way to the restaurant. Having read a little about this upscale eatery and its head chef, Neal Gray, we were anxious to sample their menu. We want to thank Visit Bentonville and The Preacher's Son for hosting our visit. Rest assured [...]

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Gaining Perspective – National Civil Rights Museum

There are moments in history that stand out on the timeline of world events. On April 4, 1968, the world would be forever changed by the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Our short time in Memphis limited our ability to tour the National Civil Rights Museum, but we still carved out time for a visit to the site of this heinous act against humanity. On a Sunday morning, we found the museum closed, but there are still plenty of outdoor exhibits to make a visit educational and worthwhile. For us, it was gaining perspective about the life of a man who helped [...]

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Natchez Visitors Center – Breaking New Ground

One of our favorite things about travel blogging is learning about new destinations. Our first visit to the state of Mississippi landed us in the oldest city. Natchez has sat high above the bluffs of the river since 1716. Of course, native people were already inhabiting the region long before the French settlers arrived. The mild climate and rich soil beckoned new arrivals from immigrants all over the globe. The mix of cultures is apparent in the architecture of the homes and buildings that make up Natchez. Our first stop would be the Natchez Visitors Center, to gain a better understanding of this [...]

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Collection Of Flavors – Louisiana River Parishes

No matter where we wander, it's a given that we will be sampling some local cuisine when we arrive. During the planning of our Louisiana River Parishes excursion, we made sure to mix in a collection of flavors that would allow us to truly experience the cuisine options found in the region. I can tell you that this type of planning can leave a person with a high level of anticipation. While food may not be the only draw for us, checking out the local foodie scene is a bonus that we always enjoy. The flavors of the parishes embrace the local ingredients [...]

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