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Dining On The Panhandle – Amarillo Eats

Can you imagine visiting a new destination and not trying out some of the local eateries? We always try to uncover those places that draw in the city's residents, since they usually have some of the best dishes. During our trip to Amarillo, we had plenty of opportunities to sample a wide range of restaurants. With so many great options, we are sure you will find dishes to satisfy even the pickiest eater. Let's take a look back at the variety we discovered while dining on the Panhandle. We want to thank Visit Amarillo and all of the local businesses for hosting this [...]

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Playing In The Panhandle – Amarillo Entertainment

When we are determining the first city to cover in a new state, we look for a place that offers something for all ages. After all, it's not a family vacation destination, if it doesn't appeal to everybody. Crystal and I have family in Texas but decided to start with a city far away from the areas we have frequented. The high plains of the Panhandle offered some experiences that we could not find anywhere else in the state. Sorting through all of the Amarillo entertainment options, we found lots of ways to spend time playing in the Panhandle. Obviously, we weren't able [...]

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OKC Streetcar – Coloring A New Downtown

When we really think about it, Oklahoma City and Kansas City have a lot in common. Both are located in the heart of the country and filled with welcoming residents. They are located on the I-35 corridor, which bisects our nation. They are both transportation hubs and share a history associated with the cattle industry. Something else that these two cities have in common is their new streetcars. Kansas City launched its RideKC operations in the spring of 2016, and Oklahoma City followed within a couple of years. A visit in the summer of 2019 showed us how the OKC Streetcar is coloring [...]

Historic Dining Options In Springfield, Illinois

In every city we visit, we are able to uncover some amazing eats. Springfield, Illinois kicked it up a level by adding the historic aspect to many of our stops. Being the heart of the "Land of Lincoln", as well as a Route 66 destination, made this city extra special. Our downtown stay gave us access to a slew of locally owned eateries that are serving up some unique dishes. We all know that eating is required to survive, but that doesn't mean it can't be good food. Join us as we walk through this gallery of historic dining options in Springfield. Illinois. [...]

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History Galore In Springfield, Illinois

It's always a thrill for us when we get to visit the capital city of a state. Even though they all have a dome, each is unique in its own way. Our trip to Springfield, Illinois gave us a chance to find history galore, in this twin domed Midwest city. So many historical paths cross in Springfield, and we couldn't wait to explore them. This was the home of the Lincoln family, and the city is rich with sites where the family frequented. Route 66 passes directly through Springfield, and thousands travel the Mother Road looking for adventure. The city has plenty to [...]

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12 Top Experiences In Oklahoma City

When you hear the name Oklahoma, many people immediately think of the namesake musical. While farming and ranching still exists in much of the state, Oklahoma City has grown into a thriving metropolis. Our three day visit was chocked full of fun attractions, delicious dining, and unique shopping districts. This overview article highlights some of the top spots to visit throughout the metro. Just be prepared to run into lots of locals, since most of these spots are local favorites. We want to thank the Visit Oklahoma City and the local businesses for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. Rushing in to [...]

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11 Things That Make St. Louis The True Gateway City

One of the things we most enjoy about traveling is the people that we meet. By interacting with the residents, we get a better understanding of what drives them through their lives. Our extended stay in St. Louis, Missouri gave us an excellent chance to mingle with some of the locals, as well as observe them in action. While a city of millions will certainly contain just about every type of person possible, there were some takeaways that we gleaned from our trip. Here is a list of the Top 11 Things We Learned About St. Louis. We hope you enjoy it! We [...]

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Sample The Flavors Of St. Louis Dining

For five years we ran a local restaurant blog, before moving into the travel arena. Through that time, we came to realize that every dining establishment has its redeeming values. Some may have more flavorful dishes, but they all have at least one that they excel with. The key to successful dining when traveling is to find those specialties and enjoy them. St. Louis is a huge metropolitan city that has an over abundance of restaurants to choose from. Before our visit, we reached out to some food loving groups to get their recommendations. With over 600 comments, it was apparent that our [...]

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The City That Jack Built – Joplin, Missouri

Like many people, we are learning that there are lots of things to do in some of the medium sized cities. Our visit to Joplin, Missouri lasted just over 24 hours, but could have easily been extended to a full weekend. (We packed a lot into our timeline.) Joplin is a name that many have seen in recent years, due to the massive tornado that struck a significant portion of the city. While there are still scars from this event, the people of Joplin have pulled together to rebuild from this tragedy. With so much history in this region, it was important for [...]

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Baxter Springs, Ks – History In The Heartland

Our visit to Baxter Springs, Kansas occurred during the Route 66 Instameet sponsored by Travel Kansas. This was the last stop of the day, so we decided to wander off to explore away from the beaten path. Just a couple blocks from our meeting point, we found the Baxter Springs Historical Museum. We have visited many small town museums, and figured we could give it a once over in 30 or 45 minutes. Boy, we were in for a surprise. […]

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