Crossing the Plains – Rocky Mountain Trip Part 1

When you hear someone speak of great American road-trips a flood of images can run through your mind. Whether you prefer mountains, beaches or small town USA, all of these can be found on the road. This is our favorite way to travel, as it allows us to immerse ourselves in the scenery. While short trips are easiest to plan and execute, sometimes we feel the need for a long journey. Such was the case when we made our two week Rocky Mountain Road Trip. Our planned route would take us across Nebraska, and into Wyoming. While there are many sights to see [...]

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Oregon Trail Stories at National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

The National Historic Trails Interpretive Center is a free museum, located in Casper, Wyoming. It is dedicated to educating visitors on the trials faced by those traveling the Oregon Trail, during the Westward Migration. Touring the exhibits will allow visitors to immerse themselves into the 1800s. For us, it was a chance to experience the trail life that so many traveled in pursuit of a better life.   Lay of the Land The museum is filled with life-size dioramas showcasing various life events, that would have been experienced by travelers. Life was hard, and the displays help relate this to visitors. A multi-media [...]

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