Shoshone Falls – Niagara Of The West

Traversing our nation, one finds wonder in almost every destination. After a three-day visit with our son in the Seattle area, we were on the downhill slope of our Epic Road Trip. We still had plenty of sights to see, but it would be mixed with an abundance of road hours. Departing early in the morning, we headed out to cover over 600 miles until the next restful night. Our goal was Twin Falls, Idaho, which is home to Shoshone Falls. This natural attraction has been nicknamed the Niagara of the West, so we felt it could not be missed. Such a long [...]

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Mount Rainier National Park – A Sleeping Giant

Our trip to the northwest corner of the country supplied us with some unique opportunities. Dwelling in the heartland brings its own scenes of beauty, but in Washington State, we were finding new experiences. After spending a couple of days with our son, along came a day he had to work. This gave us a chance to take an excursion to Mount Rainier. Since we have recently acquired a taste for hiking, this national park would offer us some amazing challenges. After all, it's not every day that we get to walk around an active volcano. Let's just hope we don't disturb this [...]

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Epic Road Trip Goals – Seeing The D-Rock

When we set about planning our travels for 2021, it was determined that we needed to add a visit to the Northwest Coast. This is the region where our youngest son, Derek, had relocated and we had never seen this part of the country. Those two points would become the basis for our Epic Road Trip goals, which would land us on the outskirts of Seattle, Washington. By the time we rolled into Sammamish, where he resides, we had already logged over 24 hours of car seat time. The 1800 miles had passed quicker than we expected, as much of the landscape was [...]

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4 Reasons To Visit Pike Place Market

For more than 100 years, the Pike Place Market has been operating just steps from Elliott Bay. Packed full of creative shops, restaurants, and vendors, there is always something new to see. For this portion of our Epic Road Trip, we joined our son Derek on a day exploring Seattle. He had stoked our imaginations with stories of the wonders found inside this iconic landmark. With the excitement reaching its peak, the time finally arrived for our excursion. A ride on public transportation landed us nearby and a short walk later we found 4 reasons to visit Pike Place Market. 1) Tons of [...]

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4 Reasons To See Spokane Falls

The second day of our Epic Road Trip had finished with a stay in Billings, Montana. We woke on day 3, refreshed and ready to continue our push to the coast. While we wish to explore more sections of Montana, we would have to put that idea on the backburner for now. Today's schedule included a little over 9 hours of drive time with only one attraction stop in sight. Being early risers, we were on the road with the rising sun. We made great time with only a lunch break and a short stop in Wallace, Idaho. After stretching our legs with [...]

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3 Ways To Explore Devils Tower National Monument

The second day of our Epic Road Trip looked to be filled with many unusual sights. We had started at Badlands National Park, before making our way into Wall, South Dakota. After a quick lunch break in Rapid City, we returned to the road and continued our path west. Our goal was to add a second national park to our day's schedule. This one would cause us to divert from the interstate and wind our way to the north. We would soon discover 3 ways to explore Devils Tower National Monument, which has been drawing in visitors for decades. Hopefully, at least one [...]

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10 Miles Above the Trees on Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road is the name of the heavily traveled highway that passes through Rocky Mountain National Park. Aptly nicknamed “Highway to the Sky”, this oversized two lane road covers 48 miles between Estes Park and Grand Lake in Colorado. This road includes more than 10 miles of drive above the tree line (about 11,500 feet). This allows travelers a sweeping view of the mountain range surrounding them. Its highest point peaks at 12,183 feet above sea level, making this the highest road in any national park. […]

South by Southwest – Rocky Mountain Road Trip Part 3

Our Rocky Mountain Road Trip had us leaving Yellowstone Park after just a couple of days. We felt as though we barely scratched the surface of what there is to see. We made a note to ourselves that there would have to be a return trip at some time in the future. For now we aimed our car South by Southwest toward Grand Teton National Park. The rolling hills welcomed us, as we barreled down the highway. Soon we caught our first glimpse of the majestic mountain range. We were on our we to the third leg of our Rocky Mountain journey. (Read [...]

Pioneer Life at The National Oregon California Trail Center

In Montpelier, Idaho we found The National Oregon California Trail Center, which offers those who travel to this out of the way town a real treat. On our Rocky Mountain Road Trip adventure we found lots of unique stops, but of course time limits the amount that can be seen. We both enjoy historical places that focus on the period of Westward Expansion. Crystal enjoys the stories of people’s lives, and their experiences during these trying times. I like to learn about the tools they used to tame the land, and help them cross the rugged terrain.  […]

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Hidden Falls Trail at Jenny Lake

A short drive north of Jackson Hole, Wyoming is Jenny Lake. As early as the 1890’s, homesteaders began locating to this region. The deep-water lake, and pristine ecosystem made for excellent trapping opportunities. In 1906, the Forest Service took over the management of the ever increasing visitor services. Soon a campground was constructed, and in 1929 the Grand Tetons National Park was established. […]

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