7 Reasons To Visit Madison, Wisconsin

We enjoy visiting the Upper Midwest during the summertime. Cool nights and warm days are perfect for exploring new destinations. During a multiple-city trip, we included a couple of days in Wisconsin's capital city. This gave us a chance to discover 7 reasons to visit Madison. A visit to the state capital building was number 1 on our list and we were not disappointed. With more than 100 years under its belt, the structure is in amazingly good shape. The dome rises to over 280 feet and is topped by the statue, Wisconsin. Made of white granite, from Vermont, it is the largest [...]

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DLux – Smashed To Perfection

With only a couple of days set aside to explore Madison, we knew we'd have to keep on the move. Obviously, there would need to be meal breaks. Not just to refuel, but so that we could sample some of the flavors of this Midwest city. After a day of museum visits, we were looking forward to one of the local burger joints. DLux is located in the capital square area, so it was just a few steps from our last attraction. Our goal for this visit was to find a burger that is smashed to perfection. We want to thank Destination Madison for hosting [...]

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Wisconsin Veterans Museum – The Reality Of War

War has been with us for as long as history has been recorded. The United States has seen its fair share of conflict in its relative short timespan. While many would liken war to a glorious quest, the truth is horrific. Soldiers, in the midst of the fight, will have a profound sense of purpose, but this is a paradox. Life in the trenches is filled with grief, pain, and terror. As generations pass, the increase in media coverage has given the public a birds eye view of the reality of war. Our visit to the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, in downtown Madison, [...]

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Madison’s Tempting Taqueria – The Canteen

Exploring sure can leave us with an appetite. Fortunately, we found that downtown Madison, Wisconsin is filled to the brim with dining options. When lunchtime rolled around, we decided to try our luck at The Canteen. Located in clear view of the capitol building, this place has earned a reputation as Madison's tempting taqueria, on the square. That's quite a feat, considering that this area of the city is flush with dining options. We were in heavy-duty research mode, so a delicious lunch was needed to refuel for our afternoon adventures. We want to thank Destination Madison for hosting our visit. Rest assured [...]

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Wisconsin Historical Museum – A Power Peddling Past

History is a series of stories told by many voices. While each community will have its historical collections, we find the capital cities will usually be the location of the state museum. Here we can gather a better representation of what has transpired, on a grander scale. Our only previous Wisconsin visit had been to Kenosha, so this stop would give us a better grasp on the entire region's past. Making our way toward the Wisconsin Historical Museum, in Madison, had brought us directly in front of the state capital. With the glistening white dome for a backdrop, we were ready to explore [...]

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