Escape To Kenosha, Wisconsin

Having an opportunity to add a new state to our blog is such a delight. 2019 brought more firsts for us, and our escape to Kenosha was our first Wisconsin city. Located on the shore of Lake Michigan, this Upper Midwest city has so much to offer vacationers. When I was choosing our initial Wisconsin destination, there were some specific sites that attracted my attention. With two and a half days to explore, we knew we would just be dipping our toes into exploring this state. We hope that this will provide you with a good cross-section of ideas for your own visit [...]

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Traveling Through Time At Kenosha’s History Museums

The shores of Lake Michigan make the perfect destination for some summer time exploring. Our 2019 travels included a visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin. This Upper Midwest city offers visitors a simple to navigate downtown that we found quite easy to walk. Museum lovers, like us, will find plenty of sites to explore, and a bonus that they are low cost or even FREE. We chose one of our mornings for traveling through time at two of Kenosha's history museums. Both of these are part of a trio of FREE museums, with the third being the Kenosha History Center. (You can read about that [...]

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The Stella Hotel & Ballroom – Embracing The Past

What do you get when you revitalize a 100-year old building into a boutique lodging option? For us, it was a chance to stay in the upscale Stella Hotel & Ballroom, just a few blocks from the shores of Lake Michigan. This patch of land held the oldest malting plant in the state, before its fiery end on St. Patrick's Day of 1914. From the ashes, the current structure rose as a local Elks Club. What we found is that the new owners are embracing the past, while adding a host of modern amenities. We want to thank Visit Kenosha and Stella Hotel [...]

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Dining Old School at The Coffee Pot

Finding the local favorites can lead to some good meals and delightful experiences. In Kenosha, Wisconsin, we dropped by The Coffee Pot to sample one of their hearty breakfasts. This unique diner has more to it than meets the eye. A neon sign had caught our attention, which means it was serving its purpose. We discovered that the sign was made in the 1930s, and had been found laying on the roof. Once repaired, it was put back into use to guide diners to this cozy restaurant. A steady stream of locals told us that they must serve up some good eats, while [...]

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Civil War Museum in Kenosha – The Upper Midwest’s Contribution

When I added a visit to the Civil War Museum, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, I knew that Crystal wouldn't be as excited as I was. This changed when we met Peggy Gregorski, who would provide us with an amazing tour. While I spent the majority of my time taking photos, Crystal took in the interesting narrative from our guide. Located near the edge of lake Michigan, this museum focuses on the Upper Midwest's contribution to the "war between the states".   We want to thank Visit Kenosha and the Civil War Museum for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.  Honoring All [...]

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Warming Up To Ashling on the Lough

Traveling to the shores of Lake Michigan, in late Spring, can bring an assortment of weather conditions. Being from the Midwest, we are familiar with the saying "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." Our first day of exploring Kenosha had been filled with a cool breeze and occasional drizzle. While we had prepared for any conditions, we were looking forward to our plans for a Happy Hour stop at Ashling on the Lough. The chance to sample an authentic Irish pub experience was sure to warm us up.  We want to thank Visit Kenosha and Ashling on the Lough for [...]

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Massive Plates At Franks’ Diner

We hear a lot of people say that you can judge a restaurant by the length of time it has been in business. While this may not always be the case, there is certainly something to be said for longevity. During the planning of our visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin, we noticed a landmark eatery that just screamed out to be sampled. Since it was located in the downtown area, it made a perfect fit for our walk-able plan. What we discovered was a 93 year business that made sure no one left hungry. We didn't know it, but we were in for Massive [...]

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Kenosha History Center – Growing A City Classroom to Cars

It's always helpful understanding the early days of a city you are visiting. We dropped by the Kenosha History Center for a trip back in time, to the start of this Lake Michigan city. The museum is located on Simmons Island, which offers great views of the lake. While this upper Midwest area was originally inhabited by American Indians, this museum picks up the city's story with the earliest immigrants. Let's jump back to the 1830's and see how the city grew. We want to thank Visit Kenosha and the Kenosha History Center for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own.  [...]

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First Taste Of Kenosha – Boat House Pub & Eatery

Traveling can often make us work up an appetite. This is a good thing since we love showing you unique locally-owned spots to dine. Our trip from Chicago to Kenosha, Wisconsin took a little longer than we expected. By the time we arrived for our lunch, we were famished. That was okay because the dining destination we had planned serves up hearty dishes for hungry visitors. As we arrived at Boat House Pub & Eatery, we were ready for our first taste of Kenosha. With an itinerary packed full of exploring, we knew we were in for a couple of exciting days. We [...]

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Shine A Light On Kenosha Harbor

Being from the Central Midwest, we don't often see bodies of water as large as Lake Michigan. Our visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin landed us squarely on the coast of this Great Lake. The sight of lighthouses was a signal that we weren't in Kansas anymore. Getting the chance to visit the Southport Light Station Museum, on Simmons Island, would shine a light on Kenosha Harbor. With a hearty lunch fueling our afternoon, we were ready to explore this historic structure. We want to thank Visit Kenosha and the Kenosha History Center for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.  Early [...]

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