South Dakota

Corner The Market – Wall Drug

Imagine traveling across South Dakota in the 1930s. Most travelers would have come to this area to see the Badlands and Black Hills. In between those two attractions would have been plenty of open space. If you owned a business along this barren drive, you would have struggled to draw in visitors. In 1931, Ted Hustead purchased a small drug store in the town of Wall. He quickly discovered that drumming up business, in a town of 230 people, came as quite the chore. It would be his wife, Dorothy, who would offer the suggestion that helped them corner the market. Creating a [...]

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Alien Landscape – Badlands National Park

Our Epic Road Trip was off to an amazing start. We were winding down Day 1, and we had already discovered three fun stops. Heading west out of Mitchell, we made our way across the flat prairie. Our first leg included 500 miles of beautiful scenery, as we traversed across Iowa and into South Dakota. Since our driving was almost finished, we began turning our thoughts to the next day. It held the promise of being just as thrill-packed and would begin with some alien landscape. For now, we were rolling down the road toward a restful night's sleep. Dignity Personified Our goal [...]

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Mitchell Corn Palace – A Corny Experience

There are times that I do feel sorry for my family, especially Crystal. It should go without saying that I am a fan of dad jokes, what with being a dad. When I was planning the route for our Epic Road Trip, I realized it would take us past Mitchell, South Dakota. This would offer us a chance to see one of the most unusual man-made attractions on our route. The Mitchell Corn Palace draws thousands of tourists each year, but there are scads more that have no idea this place exists. As we explore this unique destination, be aware that you may [...]

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Ice Age Creation – Sioux Falls Park

As I sit here writing this article, the winter snow is falling in Kansas City. Our Epic Road Trip is still fresh in our minds, even though it has been a dozen weeks since it wrapped up. Looking out at the cold, it is easy to imagine the times that ice sheets once spread across North America. While glaciers have grown and receded many times over the eons, the last happened about 20,000 years ago. When the last of the glaciers receded, it left behind an Ice Age creation that has to be explored firsthand. Traveling north along the western edge of Iowa, [...]

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