Lost Canyon Horse Tours – Traveling Through Time

The Wisconsin Dells resembles an alien landscape filled with shady slot canyons. Most were created over 15,000 years ago and have amazed mankind for generations. Passing through the sheltered gorges feels like traveling through time. An excursion on the Dells Boat Tour had given us our first taste of these features, but left us desiring more. We stopped by Lost Canyon Horse Tours for an in-depth look into the deepest land canyon in Wisconsin. Along the way, we would make some new friends. Hidden Gem Lost Canyon Horse Tours have been operated by the same family for the past 55 years. Needless to [...]

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Eat At Syrup – An Elevated Breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you have a day packed full of exploring, it's especially vital. Of course, we find that good food makes the meal that much more memorable. St. Charles, Illinois was proving to be a great walking destination, so we definitely needed to keep up our strength. Starting our day with an elevated breakfast, from Eat At Syrup, was a perfect fit for a pair of road weary travelers. Little did we realize, we were about to have an upscale farmhouse experience. We want to thank the St. Charles Business Alliance for hosting our [...]

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Madison’s Tempting Taqueria – The Canteen

Exploring sure can leave us with an appetite. Fortunately, we found that downtown Madison, Wisconsin is filled to the brim with dining options. When lunchtime rolled around, we decided to try our luck at The Canteen. Located in clear view of the capitol building, this place has earned a reputation as Madison's tempting taqueria, on the square. That's quite a feat, considering that this area of the city is flush with dining options. We were in heavy-duty research mode, so a delicious lunch was needed to refuel for our afternoon adventures. We want to thank Destination Madison for hosting our visit. Rest assured [...]

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Discover The Wonders – Wizard Quest

The Wisconsin Dells has long been known for the natural beauty that is tucked away along the banks of the nearby waterways. Many have overlooked another hidden attraction that lies right under their noses in the downtown corridor. Stepping through the doors, visitors enter a world of fantasy where they will discover the wonders of questing. Wizard Quest is a 30,000-square-foot labyrinth of sights and sounds, designed to spark the sleuth in all of us. Armed only with our camera and curiosity, we dove headfirst into this fantastical world. We want to thank the Wisconsin Dells CVB and Wizard Quest for hosting our visit. Rest [...]

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An Art Filled Escape In St. Charles, Illinois

Vacations offer a chance to broaden our horizons and expand our lives with new experiences. When we are in the planning phase for upcoming trips, we look for opportunities to include a wide spectrum of activities. Each destination serves up its unique flavor, by presenting a selection of attractions. An excursion to St. Charles, Illinois, offered a relaxing art-filled escape along the Fox River. Our timing not only allowed for views of their public art, but we also found ourselves able to enjoy their annual Fine Art Show. Standing Tall Each spring, when the flowers burst on the scene, visitors will find another [...]

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Wisconsin Historical Museum – A Power Peddling Past

History is a series of stories told by many voices. While each community will have its historical collections, we find the capital cities will usually be the location of the state museum. Here we can gather a better representation of what has transpired, on a grander scale. Our only previous Wisconsin visit had been to Kenosha, so this stop would give us a better grasp on the entire region's past. Making our way toward the Wisconsin Historical Museum, in Madison, had brought us directly in front of the state capital. With the glistening white dome for a backdrop, we were ready to explore [...]

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Dells Boat Tour – Wisconsin’s Slot Canyons

Nature has a way of supplying an endless amount of surprises. Many friends have recommended to us a visit to the Wisconsin Dells. Having seen a parade of photos from the area, we were excited to add it to our journeys. Located in the southern half of the state, it lies along the path of the Wisconsin River. While many slot canyons are formed over ages of erosion, the Dells have a shorter period of creation. To get a better understanding of this anomaly, we hopped on the Dells Boat Tour for an up-close look. We want to thank the Wisconsin Dells CVB [...]

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Glore Psychiatric Museum – Facing The Past

There are some subjects that people tend to shy away from during conversation. Mental illness is one that can leave people feeling uncomfortable. During one of our outings, we stopped by the St. Joseph Museum Complex to learn more about the history of treating mental disorders. What we discovered inside reminded us that those struggling with unbalanced minds were often treated harshly. The Glore Psychiatric Museum is housed in part of the actual hospital and it feels like it as we wandered through the exhibits. It is the biggest of the six museums that are housed in the complex. Join us on this [...]

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Our Date With History – Club Arcada

In 1926, Ford was inventing the 40-hour work week, while Author A.A. Milne introduced the world to Winnie-the-Pooh. Prohibition was at its peak and had been in place for over 5 years. Bootleggers had created an extensive network for the distribution of their products. Our lessons at past museums told us that there also existed a plethora of speakeasies. While removing the 18th Amendment was a death blow to bootlegging, there is still nostalgia for those days. A visit to Club Arcada, in St. Charles, Illinois, would be a good way for us to step back in time for our date with history. [...]

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Fantastic Finger Foods – Felix Street Gourmet

It seems that every destination holds at least one surprise for us. Our return visit to St. Joseph gave us a chance to not only update some previous articles but also add a new eatery. Since we love focusing on downtown areas, we headed to Seventh and Felix to see what we could find. The area is a blend of commercial businesses, boutique shops, and an assortment of public art. After taking in a few of these features, we were ready to nosh on some fantastic finger foods. Sitting on the corner of Eighth and Felix, we found our destination, Felix Street Gourmet. [...]

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