Artful Travel – Josyln Art Museum

Living in Kansas City means that we are in day-trip distance from a myriad of interesting destinations. When we are looking for another big city experience, one of our favorite haunts is Omaha, Nebraska. Being a mere three hours away makes this a good option for about eight hours of exploring. Of course, with a bevy of lodging options, the "Big O" has plenty to occupy multiple days. Our most recent visit was designed to partake in a wide range of sites including some artful travel to the Josyln Art Museum. Artful Travel to Omaha Walking up to the museum is quite a [...]

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Scary Good Eats – The Monster Club

Walking through The Old Market section of Omaha provides visitors with an eclectic mix of experiences. Locals and travelers alike will hit up this neighborhood for some lighthearted distractions. Whether you are in the mood for shopping, entertainment, or dining you are sure to find something to fit the bill. Walking along the brick-lined streets, we happened upon The Monster Club. This place certainly caught our eye and since we were hungry, we decided to pop in to sample their scary good eats. Familiar Faces If you plan to create a themed experience, there needs to be plenty of consistency to your delivery. [...]

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A Weekend in Omaha, Nebraska

In less than three hours you can drive from Kansas City to Omaha, Nebraska. Once there you will find a multitude of attractions, activities, and oddities to keep you occupied. We have made this trip on multiple occasions, and it seems that we always find plenty to keep us busy. This place makes for a wonderful three-day weekend destination, and you can still get back home early enough on Sunday to catch your breath. Our itinerary will usually have us heading out after an early breakfast on a Friday morning. The drive up is a fairly normal landscape for the Midwest, and stops along [...]

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Back in Time at Durham Museum

As times change many cities are faced with the dilemma of what to do with some of their grandiose historical buildings. Larger cities were often rail hubs, and have massive station houses that have seen thousands of visitors over the decades. In Omaha, Nebraska they turned their Union Station into a rail and history museum. Originally opened in 1931, this train station quickly became one of the busiest in the nation with 64 passenger trains daily. As the construction of major highways increased, so the use of train travel decreased. In 1971, the last passenger train departed this station, and it [...]

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Take Flight at the Strategic Air Command Museum

Just south of Omaha you will come across the Offutt Air Force Base. This fairly nondescript area happens to be the headquarters of the U.S. Strategic Command. Nestled in the middle of farmland, just off exit 426 from Interstate 80, travelers will come across the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum. This museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the Strategic Air Command, while educating the public in the areas of aviation and science. […]

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Talk To The Animals at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo

We Kansas Citians are very fortunate to have a good selection of zoos to choose from, within a fairly reasonable driving distance. The Kansas City Zoo is a decent park but doesn't have the monetary sponsors that a couple of the others in the Midwest are blessed with. The Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska has been wildly successful, in part, due to the corporate funding they have been provided. Being less than a 3-hour drive away makes this park a great option for a day trip, which we recently experienced. Knowing that are always adding new exhibits, we hoped a visit would [...]

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