2 Day Itinerary For Lincoln, Nebraska

It's a shame we have to work to survive because traveling at any time would be freeing. Until those days come, we focus on breaking up regular life with an assortment of trips. Sometimes a week-long vacation doesn't fit, so an extended weekend has to work. Lincoln, Nebraska was the target for one of these types of getaways. A 3-hour drive meant departing early so we had plenty of time for exploring. The next two days would be filled with fun, food, and interesting finds. Let's take a look at how we maximized our time in Nebraska's Capital City. We want to thank [...]

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Life In The Past Lane – Nebraska State Museum Morrill Hall

Imagine being at a dig site, when suddenly you uncover volcanic ash from 12 million years ago. As you carefully dig through the layers, you discover the remains of elephants, rhinos, and horses that roamed the lands long ago. The excitement must have seized their hearts as they made these amazing discoveries. Now fast-forward to today, and we have the opportunity to see many of these artifacts with a visit to the Nebraska State Museum at Morrill Hall. Located in the heart of Lincoln, this museum offers visitors a chance to see life in the past lane. We want to thank Lincoln CVB and Nebraska State [...]

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Remembering School Days At Graduate Hotel

For many of us, college was our first big adventure of being on our own. Late nights and long hours of studying were offset with mac & cheese (or ramen noodles these days), keggers, and new friends. When nostalgia strikes, and we start remembering school days, we find more good than bad memories have remained. A trip to Lincoln, Nebraska called for finding lodging downtown, and when we learned about the Graduate Hotel, we had to check it out. This hand-crafted hotel chain is only found in university-driven towns and they love to theme them to the local community. We want to thank [...]

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America’s Love Affair With Racing – Museum Of American Speed

America's love affair with racing likely began when the second car was assembled. Can you imagine being the first person to own an automobile? We picture the first drivers traversing the landscape, wondering how their driving skills stacked up to others. When we discovered that Lincoln, Nebraska is home to the Museum of American Speed, we knew a visit was in the cards. With 150,000 square feet of displays, we knew that we were going to be here for a while. Unbeknownst to us, this place goes far beyond displaying a bunch of fast cars.  We want to thank the Museum of American [...]

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Honest Abe’s Burgers – Food With Attitude

We have sampled a variety of burger joints across North America and determined there are only two categories. The first is the old-school type that serves up simple sandwiches that we've all come to expect for decades. The second is a newer group that adds unique twists to their handhelds. Honest Abe's Burgers, in Lincoln, is definitely part of the second category. They bring unusual, and even borderline insane, flavor combinations to their menu. This Nebraska chain only exists in the capital city, for now, but we can see their popularity taking them to new cities in the future. We want to thank [...]

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Nebraska History Museum – Tales From The Past

Visiting capital cities offers a unique perspective on a state's history. A trip to Lincoln, Nebraska let us learn more about our neighboring state, as well as chalk up our 14th capital city visit. While it would be nearly impossible for one building to contain all of a region's history, we find that state museums are a great resource for concise overviews. Each museum offers us a chance to see and learn something new to us. Without a visit to the Nebraska History Museum, we would never have imagined that early postal delivery wagons included a stove to keep the driver warm in [...]

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Silenced Footsteps – Brown-Carson House

Traveling through the open lands in the Midwest, it is easy to imagine what the pioneers faced during westward expansion. Back in 1854, the first white settler arrived in the soon-to-be-formed Nebraska Territory. He carved out space for himself along the banks of the Missouri River and constructed the area's first log cabin. The promise of new lands was enough to create a desire by many to follow in his footsteps. By 1880, the town of Brownville boasted a population of over 1300 residents making it the largest in the territory. These days the silenced footsteps of those pioneers are some of the [...]

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Small Town Tastes – Brownville Shops

Let's all face the truth about interstate highways. They offer the convenience of shuttling us from big city to big city. While this helps us shorten our travel time, it also forces us to bypass an untold number of opportunities. We will be the first to admit that these superhighways are advantageous. There is value in getting off of the interstate and exploring some of the smaller venues. This can turn a standard day trip into a truly cultural experience. It offers a chance to sample small-town tastes and hang out with the locals. That is exactly what we found when we dropped [...]

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Embracing The Past – Brownville, Nebraska

Tooling along the interstate, you will pass exit after exit for small towns all across America. How often do you wonder what these places have in store for visitors? Like many others, for years we would cruise by without so much as acknowledging their presence. In recent years we have learned that each of these destinations has their own stories to tell. It just takes getting off of the interstate and doing some investigating. A recent day trip landed us midway between Kansas City and Omaha for a tour of Brownville, Nebraska. What we found is a friendly village that is embracing the [...]

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Artful Travel – Josyln Art Museum

Living in Kansas City means that we are in day-trip distance from a myriad of interesting destinations. When we are looking for another big city experience, one of our favorite haunts is Omaha, Nebraska. Being a mere three hours away makes this a good option for about eight hours of exploring. Of course, with a bevy of lodging options, the "Big O" has plenty to occupy multiple days. Our most recent visit was designed to partake in a wide range of sites including some artful travel to the Josyln Art Museum. Artful Travel to Omaha Walking up to the museum is quite a [...]

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