Dogwood Canyon Nature Park – 10,000 Acres Of Exploring

For many years, we have enjoyed visits to the Ozark Mountains. This ancient mountain range offers amazing scenery, abundant wildlife, and many hidden wonders. During a trip to Top of the Rock, we learned about another scenic site that we wanted to see firsthand. A little research uncovered 10,000 acres of exploring that offers visitors plenty of natural experiences. Since we had planned a Branson trip, it made sense to add a stop at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park to our itinerary.    Miles of Nature Dogwood Canyon is a little over 30 minutes southwest of Branson, Missouri. That makes it an easy day [...]

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Santa Overload In Branson, Missouri

One of the top destinations in the Midwest is Branson, Missouri. Like many, we have made multiple trips to this Ozark location, but this was our first visit during the Christmas season. A winning bid at a fundraiser silent auction had secured us tickets to Silver Dollar City, and Crystal had been wanting to see the holiday magic for many years. It looked obvious that 2017 would be the year she got her wish. The Branson Hotel Once we determined our destination, it was time to work on the rest of the trip details. Branson has no lack of lodging options, but we [...]

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What We Found At Top of the Rock

If you are planning a visit to the Branson, Missouri or Eureka Springs, Arkansas areas, you may want to consider adding a stop at Top of the Rock, in Ridgedale, Missouri. We were made aware of it by one of our Kansas City readers, and loved the pictures they shared from their visit. Although we wanted this article for our Branson series, we actually visited on our way home from Eureka Springs. (Better weather for outdoor activities.) A Johnny Morris Production Top of the Rock is a combination resort, golf course, museum, and nature trail. It was designed on the top of a [...]

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Christmas Magic At Dixie Stampede

Our November trip to Branson, Missouri was filled with firsts for us. Among these, was our first experience at Dixie Stampede. Branson is home to a wide array of entertainment options, and many of these are evening shows. Dixie Stampede kicks it up a notch by adding dinner to the schedule, so that guests can watch a live show, while they dine. We had heard many of our friends descriptions of the experience, and were ready to see it for ourselves. We want to thank Dixie Stampede for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. Pre-Show Entertainment We arrived a little [...]

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Dockside Dining At White River Fish House

Our most recent visit to Branson, Missouri was scheduled to see some of the Christmas season attractions. After the four hour drive from Kansas City, we were ready for lunch at White River Fish House. First we stopped by our hotel to drop off our things, and park our car. It was nice staying in the downtown area, as it allowed us to be within walking distance of many shops and restaurants. Once we were settled, we took off for Branson Landing, which was only a couple of blocks from our lodging. (You can read about our lodging choice here>) We want to [...]

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Silver Dollar City Knows Christmas Lights

Silver Dollar City is a top attraction in the Midwest. Each year it draws throngs of visitors to the Ozarks, so they can experience a mix of old-time crafts and new-age rides. We, like many of you, have visited on multiple occasions, but we have never been to the Old Time Christmas Festival. Each Fall, the park is transformed, for the months of November and December, into a magical holiday experience. A purchase of tickets during a local fundraiser provided the perfect opportunity to finally see this extravaganza. Getting an Early Start Since we knew we would be experiencing a wide range of [...]

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Historic Lodging In The Branson Hotel

Our most recent visit to Branson, Missouri will be one that we will remember for many years to come. This was our first trip during the Christmas season, and we were excited to see the sights. After the four hour drive from Kansas City, (We may have stopped along the way.) our first destination was The Branson Hotel. When I was researching lodging options, this place stood out above the rest. As we pulled in to one of the hotel's parking spaces, we were anxious to see our home away from home. We want to thank The Branson Hotel for their hospitality. Rest assured that [...]

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Warming Up The Holidays At Smith Creek Moonshine

Our first day in Branson included some time to check out the shops downtown. Our hotel was within walking distance, and the weather was very agreeable for November. We decided to head directly to the Branson Landing, which is an outdoor shopping center that sits along the water's edge. One of the most unique shops we found was Smith Creek Moonshine. Still Just A Still As we strolled through the shopping center, we noticed the old school still in the window of the store. This was enough to draw us in to check out the store. Inside we found that the display included [...]

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