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How The St. Louis Science Center Brings Science To The Masses

St. Louis offers so many great educational opportunities for visitors of all ages. Our visit to the St. Louis Science Center sparked our imaginations and opened our minds to new ideas and possibilities. Located in the Forest Park neighborhood, this center is designed to engage all ages in a series of fun, interactive displays and offers free general admission. The day was rainy, so we were happy to be enjoying an indoor activity.  We found a spot in the busy pay parking lot, and made our way into the space to explore some of their 700 exhibits. We want to thank the St. Louis Science [...]

What Makes Peacock Loop Diner So Special

During the planning portion of our St. Louis trip, it was decided that we would make the Moonrise Hotel, on the DelMar Loop, our home base. With this in mind, we went to work looking for unique dining destinations within walking distance. When we happened upon the Peacock Loop Diner, it was obvious that a visit would be a requirement. On our first evening in town, we took a stroll down the Loop after checking into the hotel. When we passed Peacock, we happily bathed in the neon glow of the animated sign that designates this uniquely St. Louis landmark. It was tempting [...]

We Spotted Sunken Treasures At St. Louis Art Museum

During the planning stage of our St. Louis trip, we had assembled our preliminary itinerary. A phone conversation with Anthony Paraino from Explore St. Louis shed light on a couple of great attractions we had overlooked. The St. Louis Art Museum was preparing for the launch of a new traveling exhibit. Sunken Cities: Egypt's Lost Worlds would arrive the week before us.  It was destiny that we would get a chance to see it for ourselves. We want to thank the St. Louis Art Museum Museum and Explore St. Louis for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. The Museum St. Louis founded its [...]

Fizzy Freshness From Fitz’s Restaurant

A friend from work was the first to mention that we should visit Fitz's Restaurant on the Delmar Loop. We don't drink a lot of sodas, but the chance to taste some at the source was something we couldn't pass up. Our lodging was set up at Moonrise Hotel, which is just down the street. It was an easy walk along the Loop to the front door of the restaurant. We made our way to the 1928 West End Bank building that now houses this iconic bottler. Along the way, we made note of the Walk of Fame stars embedded in the sidewalk. [...]

10 Things To Know Before You Visit City Museum

Our request for suggestions of places to visit in St. Louis was met with an amazing number of responses. One location that we kept seeing mentioned was City Museum. We took a look at their website, and were intrigued by what appeared to be the world's largest jungle gym. Now we may not be as young as we once were, but we were excited to add this location to our itinerary. Of course, we noted their suggestion to wear comfortable clothes that may get a tad bit dirty. With this in mind, we scheduled our visit to be [...]

Why The Locals Love Cafe Telegraph

St. Louis, Missouri has tons of places to explore, but all of that action means working up an appetite. After our visit to the Civil War Museum and Jefferson Barracks Cemetery, we needed to find a nearby restaurant. (You can read about the museum here.) Just a couple blocks away we discovered Cafe Telegraph, a locally owned restaurant that is quite popular with the locals. Actually, it was some of the locals that keyed us in on this place, and their reviews put it high on our "must try" list. We want to thank Cafe Telegraph and Explore St. Louis for their hospitality. Rest assured that [...]

Missouri Civil War Museum – Remembering The Fallen

When planning our visit to St, Louis, we wanted to make sure we included some stops that would help us better understand the history of the area. Jefferson Barracks happens to be the oldest operating U.S. military installation west of the Mississippi River. On these grounds, the Missouri Civil War Museum has operated since 2013. We had the chance to sit down with Mark Trout, founder and CEO, to discuss the background of the museum. His passion for preserving the historic relevance of this era is apparent. Recent times have shown a national furor about this period in America's history. Mark explained [...]

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