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Drawing From Life – Becky Thatcher

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is an American classic that has been cherished by readers for generations. From its first publication, in 1876, this adventure into childhood has captured the imagination of Mark Twain fans. As we had already discovered, Samuel Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain) was a master of drawing from life, when creating his memorable characters. Tom Sawyer was one of his greatest accomplishments, as it appealed to a broad base of readers. While the youth find the exciting adventures captivating, adult readers will have moments of nostalgia for the days of their own youth. This particular tale brings to life Becky [...]

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Tied To The Road – Karlock’s Kars

The cars we drive say a lot about us, and it is interesting to see how they have changed over the generations. We are sure the early automobile builders never imagined how much cars would change over time. Each new model seems to bring breakthroughs in comfort, style, and luxury. Of course, there are many who yearn for the autos of yesteryear, which brings a bit of nostalgia with them. During a visit to Hannibal, we stopped by Karlock's Kars to get a peek at some classics from days gone by. What we found was more than just a garage filled with automobiles, [...]

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Triumph Over Oppression – Huck Finn Freedom Center

The mere mention of the town of Hannibal, Missouri evokes images of Mark Twain. It seems his iconic identity goes hand-in-hand with this river town. Most of us have grown up on the literary works of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, who penned the books we read in school. The characters he created kept us entertained with their riveting adventures. Many of the people in his books were fashioned from citizens he had known during his youth. One that stands out from the rest is Jim, the African-American slave of Miss Watson, who is a character in the "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn". During our Hannibal [...]

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A Man Of Many Names – Who Was Mark Twain?

Who was Samuel Langhorne Clemens? It has been noted that he was one of the greatest American humorists. Of course, there are many who upon hearing that name, are left with a puzzled gaze. When the name Mark Twain is mentioned, then they immediately picture the white suit and gray haired author. Still others, who have done a deeper dive into the writer's work, see the tie between this Missouri native and the character of Tom Sawyer. Clearly, Clemens was a man of many names. We want to thank the Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum for hosting our visit. Rest assured all [...]

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11 Things That Make St. Louis The True Gateway City

One of the things we most enjoy about traveling is the people that we meet. By interacting with the residents, we get a better understanding of what drives them through their lives. Our extended stay in St. Louis, Missouri gave us an excellent chance to mingle with some of the locals, as well as observe them in action. While a city of millions will certainly contain just about every type of person possible, there were some takeaways that we gleaned from our trip. Here is a list of the Top 11 Things We Learned About St. Louis. We hope you enjoy it! We [...]

Sample The Flavors Of St. Louis Dining

For five years we ran a local restaurant blog, before moving into the travel arena. Through that time, we came to realize that every dining establishment has its redeeming values. Some may have more flavorful dishes, but they all have at least one that they excel with. The key to successful dining when traveling is to find those specialties and enjoy them. St. Louis is a huge metropolitan city that has an over abundance of restaurants to choose from. Before our visit, we reached out to some food loving groups to get their recommendations. With over 600 comments, it was apparent that our [...]

Five Zones Of Free Fun At The St. Louis Zoo

As we have said on numerous occasions, we are zoo people. We rarely pass up an opportunity to visit a new location, and enjoy returning to ones we have already seen. The ever changing exhibits usually offer a new view on something or at least a different perspective. When we planned our St. Louis trip, a visit to their world famous park was a must. For those who are unaware of this amazing destination, the St. Louis Zoo is regularly voted as one of the top parks in the U.S. and certainly the best FREE zoo. Let's check it out! We want to [...]

Evolution Of A City – Missouri History Museum

Being visitors from outside of St. Louis, we found the Forest Park area to be an amazing place to spend time. The lush landscape and numerous attractions beckon visitors to explore. The four crown jewels of the park include their zoo, art museum, science center, and the Missouri History Museum, which is the focus of this article. Each of these free admission sites can easily fill a half day or more, so make sure you allocate enough time to truly enjoy your experiences. It was the 1904 World's fair that led to the start of the Jefferson Memorial Building, which houses the museum. It [...]

Kansas City Diners Test St. Louis BBQ At Salt and Smoke

Being from Kansas City, we always attempt to test out the local barbecue at least once. Now we are far from being BBQ experts, but we do know what we like. Since we were staying on the Delmar Loop, a visit to Salt + Smoke seemed to be the perfect spot to do some research. We had done a little surveying of some St. Louis foodie groups and as expected had received a myriad of suggestions. Just like what we find in Kansas City, it seems like everyone has their own reasons for liking one place over the other. Our final decision was [...]

Space Age Stay At Moonrise Hotel In St. Louis

With all of the cities that we visit, we will obviously need lodging. Most of these are nice chain locations that we try to mention during our overview articles. Once in a while we will happen upon a location that stands out as a special stay. This was the case in St. Louis, when we stayed at the Moonrise Hotel on the Delmar Loop. Touted as a modern boutique, it has some of the most unusual decor of any lodging we have encountered. We want to thank the Moonrise Hotel and Explore St. Louis for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. Storied Beginnings [...]

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