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Power Of Pie – Minnesota North Shores

It is widely believed that it was the Ancient Egyptians who invented pie. This early version was a crusty creation filled with honey. In the 5th Century BC, Greeks fashioned a pastry recipe, which would be tweaked by the Romans to become similar to today's version. Fast forward to the 1900s, and we find this sweet creation settling into the daily lives of the people of the North Shores. Let's face it, they have discovered the power of pie. Our short excursion offered us a chance to sample some of this delectable treasure, and we were not about to pass it by. Why [...]

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Fierce Gales – Split Rock Lighthouse

Standing on the North Shores of Minnesota, one finds themselves admiring the beauty of Lake Superior. The choppy waters hint at the hidden dangers that lie below the surface. Resting in the depths of those cold waters are roughly 350 ships. Many of these were victims of the fierce gales that sweep in during the late fall and winter months. The earliest recorded occurred in 1891, but it would be a late November 1905 storm that would show just how perilous the waters can be. With these tragedies impacting the movement of important materials, it would only be a matter of time before [...]

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Gateway To The North Shores – Gooseberry Falls

For the past four decades, we have been making excursions to Minnesota. A portion of Crystal's family, including her mom, live in what I lovingly refer to as the "frozen tundra". Many family trips landed us in the southern portion of the state. Our most recent visit had us exploring a new section when we traveled to the shores of Lake Superior. One of the "must-see" stops, on our itinerary, was a visit to Gooseberry Falls State Park. Serving as a gateway to the North Shores, this trio of falls has some interesting history. Visitors Center After spending the night in Duluth, we [...]

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