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13 Unique Reasons To Visit Dodge City Days

If we had a dollar for every time we have heard people remark that there is nothing to see in the middle of the country, we would be rich. While we will usually rebuke their claim, there are times we almost want to keep all of these special places to ourselves. What many don't realize is that there are some amazing things to see and do all over the Central U.S. Our visit to Dodge City, Kansas is a prime example of this. Many people would never think about putting this Wild West town on their vacation list, but they would be missing [...]

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Rootin-Tootin Time At Dodge City Days

When we first started the planning for our Dodge City visit, our heads were filled with pictures of gunfighters, cattle drives, and other Wild West scenes. Even though we live in the 21st Century, we were hopeful to have a chance to see some nostalgic recreations. The opportunity to time our visit during Dodge City Days meant that we could see some of these hopes fulfilled. Our final itinerary included a day of fun at the Boot Hill Museum that was sure to entertain. We want to thank the Dodge City CVB and Dodge City Days for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions [...]

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More Than A Meal At Casey’s Cowtown Club

A stop at a restaurant can just be an opportunity to refuel for more exploring, but there are those times when it turns into something special. Our visit to Casey's Cowtown Club, in Dodge City, Kansas was one of those special occasions. From the outside it looks like a restaurant one might find along Route 66, but the exterior hides the fascinating interior. While Casey's is known as a steakhouse, (This is the cattle capital, after all!) we dropped in for their breakfast, which was highly rated. We want to thank the Dodge City CVB and Casey's Cowtown for their hospitality. Rest assured that [...]

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Two For One – Kansas Teachers’ Hall Of Fame & Gunfighters Wax Museum

Have you ever visited a dual topic museum? We have been to a few, but none like the one we found in Dodge City, Kansas. At the Kansas Teachers' Hall of Fame, we discovered a mix of teachers and lessons learned. They say we learn from history, and this place is filled with some interesting displays of well-known people from the past. To combine the state's best teachers and famous gunfighters under one roof makes for quite a fun visit. The museum is just across the street from Boot Hill, so the inclusion of these exhibits makes perfect sense. We want to thank the [...]

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Brews and Bites At Dodge City Brewery

We found Dodge City, Kansas to be another great walking destination. The downtown section has lots of shops, sights, and eateries within close striking distance. The morning of the Dodge City Days Parade was a perfect time to get an up close view of many of these sights. After a nice stroll through the neighborhoods, we ended up at Dodge City Brewing just in time for lunch. We want to thank the Dodge City CVB for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. Opening Time Our arrival occurred just as they were opening, so they weren't brewing during our visit. Dodge [...]

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Seeing The Sights In Dodge City, Kansas

Usually when we tour around a new destination it requires one of us to do the driving. This makes it difficult to truly enjoy the sights. That is one of the reasons we strive to park and walk most of the time, as it helps us get a better lay of the land. In Dodge city we had the opportunity to take a trolley tour, which would offer a great overview of the city. As we headed out of the CVB parking lot, we found ourselves rolling through Dodge City in style. We want to thank the Dodge City CVB for their hospitality. Rest [...]

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Gunfights, Graveyards, and Grit – Boot Hill Museum

The Wild West may have been many moons ago, but there is still a place that travelers can experience those long gone days. Dodge City, Kansas is one of the original cow towns in the Midwest and is home to the Boot Hill Museum. This living history space has a mix of static displays and live action, which help tell the story of the wild and wooly days, and the people who lived and died in the "Queen of the Cowtowns". We visited the museum section to learn more about life in the Wild West. We want to thank the Dodge City CVB and [...]

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Forged In The Dust – Boot Hill Distillery

Fate is fickle, but sometimes things come back around full circle. This story is about a group of Kansans who decided to launch a small batch distillery in the heart of a city that was once known as the "Queen of the Cow Towns". Boot Hill Distillery sprang to life in 2014 as the first ever craft distillery in western Kansas. We stopped in to see what made them such an interesting story. After all, there are lots of distilleries across the state, so how does this one differentiate itself from the others? Let's start with the grounds. The building sits on the [...]

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