Sweets, Treats, and Surprises In Chanute, Kansas

Most everyone enjoys a vacation, but only has the opportunity to take a handful at most per year. In between these longer trips, it is fun to have a few day trip options in your back pocket. We have lots of small to medium size towns and cities within a two to three hour drive from our hometown, which make excellent escapes. Chanute, Kansas is a good example of this, as it rests just a couple hours south of the Kansas City metro. We picked a beautiful Fall day to visit this southeast Kansas town situated in the Neosho River Valley. The city [...]

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Filling Our Tanks At Playmakers Sports Bar & Grill

What would a day trip be without at least one meal away from home? While in Chanute, Kansas we planned our lunch break to coincide with being near Playmakers Sports Bar & Grill in the downtown area. Our schedule had kept us busy not just through the morning, but also the first half of the afternoon. By the time we made it to the restaurant, we were famished. Fortunately, we were hitting them up at an off lunch-rush peak, so it made our service quick. We want to thank the Chanute, Kansas Tourism Office and Playmakers for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. [...]

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Octave Chanute Makes His Mark In Kansas

Throughout our lives we learn so many important historic names, but our guess is that most of you are unfamiliar with Octave Chanute. When we planned our visit to Chanute, Kansas it never occurred to us how the town had picked its name. A visit to the Chanute Historical Society Museum would help us better understand the story behind the origin of the name. We noticed a monument nearby the museum and took a moment to check it out. The sculpture honors the Wright Brothers flight and soon we would learn the connection to Mr. Chanute. We want to thank the Chanute, Kansas Tourism [...]

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Untold Adventure Awaits At The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum

We both enjoy watching nature programs and seeing animals in their native environments. Like most people, the only time we see many of these creatures in real life is at a zoo. A visit to Chanute, Kansas opened our eyes to the Martin & Osa Johnson Safari Museum. It's fun to consider the experience of an African safari, but couldn't imagine being some of the first to ever do this. You can imagine our surprise when we found out that this was actually accomplished by a young couple from southeast Kansas. What we found was not just a collection of artifacts and photos, but the [...]

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