Baxter Springs

Baxter Springs, Ks – History In The Heartland

Our visit to Baxter Springs, Kansas occurred during the Route 66 Instameet sponsored by Travel Kansas. This was the last stop of the day, so we decided to wander off to explore away from the beaten path. Just a couple blocks from our meeting point, we found the Baxter Springs Historical Museum. We have visited many small town museums, and figured we could give it a once over in 30 or 45 minutes. Boy, we were in for a surprise. Bleeding Kansas Baxter Springs is the site of numerous natural springs. Native Americans frequented the region as a stopping point between summer hunting [...]

Route 66 Instameet – The Road Between

Our Travel Kansas Route 66 Instameet began in Galena, and would end in Baxter Springs. Of course, the space in between was not filled with empty miles. Even though the Mother Road only passes for 13 miles in the state of Kansas, it is filled with some unique sights. With Galena under our belt, it was time to head west to see what else we could find. (You can read about the Galena visit here>) A Quick Stop Our group was running behind schedule, so we decided to grab a bite on the way to our next stop. Just down the road from [...]

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