Munching Monarch Style

Our choice of Monarch for dinner one evening was made based on a single menu item. When I saw they served up a Cuban sandwich, it sealed the deal. The only thing left was to hope it was a good one. Eclectic Decor The restaurant sits on the edge of a roundabout in the Delano section of Wichita. We heard many stories about the West vs. East sides of this city. The basics of the stories were that at one time the West side was where the cowboys hung out. The East side was for the more dignified citizens. So the gist of it [...]

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Flying High At Aero Plains

Aero Plains Brewing was not originally on our itinerary. During one of our visits with Susan, from Visit Wichita, she told us about this new enterprise in the Delano area of town. Fortunately, we were able to squeeze a visit into our schedule. History and Innovation Intersect Aero Plains is the brainchild of three men who have a passion for creating craft beers. They saw a vacancy in the Wichita market, and decided to do something about it. We caught up with Lance, who is one of the owners. He offered us a tour of the production facility. The unique name comes from [...]

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Gourmet Pizza Il Vicino Style

Although we usually shy away from showcasing chains, Il Vicino Wood Fired Pizza is one of those exceptions. While the idea of wood fired pizza is no longer a rare occurrence, toss in that the recipes are all determined by a gourmet chef, and now that's something special. We visited their Bradley Fair location in Wichita, Kansas to sample their goods. We want to thank the Il Vicino Wood Fired Pizza for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. What is Il Vicino? The story of Il Vicino starts with three guys who grew up working in the restaurant business. During part of [...]

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Prairie Life At Old Cowtown

Being Midwesterners, we were looking forward to our visit to Old Cowtown. Wichita has a lot of similarities to our hometown of Kansas City. Both cities were frontier towns, which grew famous from the cattle trade. Both also have the confluence of two rivers in the heart of their city. It was near this junction that a replica of a 1860's frontier town came to be. We want to thank the Old Cowtown for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. A Historic Collection Old Cowtown is home to 54 unique buildings. Half of these are original, and have been relocated [...]

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Great Variety at Egg Crate Cafe

Egg Crate Cafe was a great find on our visit to Wichita. An early morning appointment at the Sedgwick County Zoo meant that we needed to find a breakfast spot on the west side of the city. Most of what we found in this area were chain spots, and we wanted something more local.  Buried Treasure The Egg Crate Cafe is located in a strip mall at the edge of a residential area. This place was not easy to discover, but we were hoping it would turn out to be a great find. This morning we were being joined for breakfast by Susan, from [...]

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Make Mine A Milkfloat

In the Delano area of Wichita, we stumbled upon Milkfloat. This interesting dessert shop is only about six months old, but is already creating a lot of buzz around town. We had just finished walking off a magnificent dinner at a nearby restaurant, and decided it was fate that landed us at the doorstep. Why Milkfloat? Once we determined the type of shop we had found, our next question was about the interesting choice of name. The term "milk float" refers to horse drawn wagons in the olden days, which would deliver fresh dairy products to customers. The owners of this unique store, [...]

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Breakfast for the Masses at Beacon Restaurant

When we started looking for breakfast locations in Wichita, the Beacon Restaurant kept rising to the top. After hearing all of the repetition, it was obvious that this was a place to try. Since it was close to our hotel, it seemed that a breakfast run would fit perfectly. We visited on a Tuesday morning, and even with some road work nearby, we found a great parking spot out front. Strange Name The Beacon sits downtown next to the Wichita Eagle building, which houses the local newspaper. For us non-locals, this seemed rather unconnected. A little research uncovered that the newspaper was once [...]

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Tanganyika Wildlife Park – Unique Name, Awesome Experience

Tanganyika Wildlife Park is not exactly what we think of when we hear the word zoo. Although visitors can have a zoo-like experience, they can also choose to dive deeper into the world of animals. The owners wanted to help guests gain a more personal interaction with the wonderful creatures, that the zoo cares for on a daily basis. Here you will find an opportunity to get up close, and personal with many species. Seeing The Need The day we visited Tanganyika was cooler than expected. Fortunately, the sun was out in full force, and it tried to warm us up. The animals [...]

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TJ’s Burger House

Our original research identified TJ's Burger House as a good option for one of the locally-owned restaurants to visit. Sadly, time restraints forced us to cut it from our final list. When the day to head out arrived, unseasonably low temperatures in Wichita forced us to make a last minute itinerary change. We quickly reinserted TJ's into the mix, and looked forward to our upcoming visit. Back in Time TJ's is your basic burger & fries style diner, and is decorated with a retro theme. Checkered tile floors, vinyl booth seats, and plenty of 1950's memorabilia brought the malt shop feel to our minds. [...]

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