Calling Kansas Explorers – Check Out Little Sweden USA

Too many travelers find Kansas to be just another "fly-over" state. To us, that term also refers to those that just cruise along I-70 on their way to some other place. What many of them do not realize is that by getting off of the interstate, they have an opportunity to enjoy a truly cultural experience. A great example of this is the city of Lindsborg, which sits less than 3 hours from Kansas City. Nicknamed "Little Sweden USA", this immigrant established city just begs to be explored. We want to thank Visit Lindsborg and all of the local businesses for their hospitality. [...]

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Dinner and a Show Under The Stars

For many of us married folk, dinner and a show is the makings of a great date night. Even when we are on a blogging excursion, we try to make sure our activities are good options for other couples or families. When we planned out our Lindsborg visit, they surprised us with the addition of an evening of drama under the stars. This was certainly an excellent way to spend time mingling with the locals.  We want to thank Visit Lindsborg and The Brickhouse Grill for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own. Puffy Pizza With an evening of outdoor entertainment [...]

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4 Steps For Success At Ol Stuga

To this day, we are still amazed at how many fun stories we find in each new destination. A good example of this is Ol Stuga, in Lindsborg, Kansas. From the outside, it looks like just another bar and grill type place. Even the name, which is Swedish for Ale House, suggests that it is merely another tavern. It's the stories found inside that make this place unique. We dropped by and learned that this long-standing business has found the 4 steps for success. We want to thank Visit Lindsborg and Öl Stuga for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own. [...]

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Delving Into History At The Old Mill Museum

One of the best things about visiting a new destination is the chance to immerse yourself in the history of the community. Lindsborg, Kansas has an interesting history tied to the Swedish immigrants who arrived here in the spring of 1869. Even today, around thirty percent of the local population can tie their lineage back to Swedish heritage. A visit to the Old Mill Museum and Heritage Square would find us delving into the history of "Little Sweden USA".   We want to thank Visit Lindsborg and the McPherson County Museum for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.  Old Mill [...]

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First Tastes of Lindsborg – Farley’s Bar & Grill

For our visit to Lindsborg, Kansas, we scheduled our arrival on a Friday evening. After driving for a couple of hours, we were really in the mood for dinner. Fortunately, there are plenty of good options located in "Little Sweden USA". As we scoped out the lay of the land, we decided to start right in the heart of the city. The main drag has a mix of businesses that include some unique eateries. It looked like we had found our first tastes of Lindsborg.   We want to thank Visit Lindsborg and Farley's Bar & Grill for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions [...]

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Dala Horse History at Hemslojd

Perhaps you have seen the little red horses and wondered where they come from. Many years ago, we traveled to Lindsborg, Kansas with our children. During this visit, we stopped at Hemslöjd to check out these fun looking figures. Fast forward to the present, and we once again found ourselves in this quaint Swedish city. This time we were traveling without kids, but that didn't stop us from making a return visit. On this trip, we would spend time learning more about the Dala horse history and why these iconic figures are so popular. We want to thank Visit Lindsborg and Hemslojd for [...]

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Forging The Future At Blacksmith Coffee

We enjoy finding businesses that have re-purposed buildings but still retained a tie with the past. In Lindsborg, Kansas, we had an opportunity to enjoy a breakfast stop at Blacksmith Coffee. This homey city, referred to as "Little Sweden", was founded in 1869. In the early days, it was the task of blacksmiths to keep the wheels of commerce turning. These vital artisans worked in hot conditions, as they toiled away through the Kansas seasons. While the forges have grown cold in Lindsborg, we found that a new generation is forging the future at Blacksmith Coffee.   We want to thank Visit Lindsborg and [...]

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