Bourbon & Baker – A Small Bites Story

Our day trip to Manhattan, Kansas lasted a little longer than some visits, so we needed to make plans for a dinner meal. After reviewing our options, it was decided to sample the small plates at Bourbon & Baker located on the popular Poyntz Avenue. Scoping the Neighborhood Poyntz Avenue is bordered on one end by the Manhattan Town Center and runs West past the city park. There are a couple of blocks of shops and restaurants near the mall, and this was the focus of our attention. After finding a parking spot, we wandered in and out of the shops within a [...]

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Seeking Sunshine At Sunset Zoo

Visiting zoos in the Midwest during the winter can be a hit or miss activity. During our day trip to Manhattan, Kansas, we decided to drop in to the Sunset Zoo to see who was enjoying an unusually pleasant sunny day. This smaller zoological park is perfect for a shorter visit, and the lower admission cost makes it an affordable option. We arrived after lunch, so we had the warmest hours of the day to enjoy a visit. Lets see who was taking in some sunshine. We want to thank Visit Manhattan and Sunset Zoo for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. [...]

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Digging The Flint Hills Discovery Center

We have visited Manhattan, Kansas many times in the past, but our trips were always concentrated on the local university. Once that association ended, we never seemed to find the time to return. On a warmer than normal winter day, we made the just under two hour drive from Kansas City to the "Gateway City to the Flint Hills." Upon arriving in town, one of the first sights was the Flint Hills Discovery Center, which happened to be our first stop. This beautifully designed building was the first change we noted since our last visit. We want to thank Flint Hills Discovery Center and Visit [...]

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Riley County History Museum – Flint Hill History

Our visit to Manhattan, Kansas took a historical side-trip with a stop at the Riley County Historical Museum.  This regional history center is a great place to gather a better understanding of the people and events that molded the city of Manhattan, as well as other towns in the area. An added bonus is that this museum offers free admission, and the staff are happy to discuss the exhibits in detail. Unplanned Beginnings Upon entering the museum, we noticed a huge bell hanging from a prominent position in the foyer. A staff member was kind enough to share the story behind the bell. [...]

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