4 Fun Stops In Leavenworth, Kansas

Winter is one of our least favorite seasons. Sure the snow looks beautiful when it is newly fallen, but even that can become tedious with time. There comes a point that we just need to get out of town, even if only for the day. Fortunately, we have lots of great destinations nearby. A short jaunt would supply us with 4 fun stops in Leavenworth, Kansas. Lets see what we found on a cold winter day. We want to thank the local businesses for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. Picking 4 Fun Stops For us, the day is [...]

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Taking a Spin at C. W. Parker Carousel Museum

Getting the opportunity to visit a place like the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum is like returning to the wonder years of our youth. There is something magical about taking a spin on a merry-go-round. For many of us, it was our first amusement ride, and one that is not discriminatory of age. The bright lights, beautiful colors, and upbeat music make the appeal infectious. How many of you watch with anticipation, as you try to decide which seat will be perfect for your ride? We want to thank the C. W. Parker Carousel Museum for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our [...]

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Homestyle Eats At Pullman Place Family Restaurant

History tells us how the railroad was key to Westward Expansion. The race to cross the continent is well documented. Afterwards, it was the railroads that moved people and goods around the nation. Pullman Place Family Restaurant honors this important mode of transportation by including railroad memorabilia in its decor. Located in downtown Leavenworth, Kansas, this locally owned eatery has been serving up meals since 2003. During a recent day trip, we found ourselves making tracks to Pullman Place for some homestyle eats. A Local Love We were burning through our day quicker than we expected. By the time we stopped for lunch, [...]

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Frontier Army Museum – Discovering Our Past

It amazes us when we visit a site that we have been so close to, for many years, but have never explored. The Frontier Army Museum, at Fort Leavenworth, is a prime example. Oh, we've been to Leavenworth plenty of times, and even quite a few on the Fort Leavenworth Army base. We just never took the time to investigate this specific history museum. Well, since we couldn't change the past, at least we could rectify it for the present. A day trip to Kansas' first city would provide us with an opportunity to scope out the museum's exhibits.  Exploring The West The [...]

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Harbor Lights Coffeehouse – A Local Haunt

Leavenworth, Kansas is an easy day trip from our hometown of Kansas City. On an unseasonably warm winter day, we made our way to the "first city" in Kansas to see some new sights. A good day of exploring requires some fuel, which we found at Harbor Lights Coffeehouse & Cafe. After a short drive, we found a spot in their parking lot and made our way inside. Plenty of Seating Options The old brick building is decorated on the outside with a "ghost sign", which are often seen in older downtown areas. (Check out some we found in Galena, Kansas in this [...]

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