Council Grove

24 Hours in Council Grove, Kansas

Those of us who live in or around Kansas City are blessed to have so many interesting destinations within easy striking distance for day trips. We love heading off in the morning for a new location with a list of places to explore. Sometimes we will even seize the opportunity for an overnight stay. There's something magical about spending the night in a new location, especially when it has unique features or historical significance. Our visit to Council Grove, Kansas was only 24 hours long, but as you will see, we packed a weekend worth of fun into our stay. We want to [...]

History Overload In Council Grove, Kansas

We firmly believe that travel is an excellent way to continue our education in our adult years. With schooling behind us, we can still learn lots of interesting things about this big, blue marble we all call home. One of our favorite subjects is history, and Council Grove gave us plenty of it. When we discovered that this town of 2200 residents boasted 25 historic sites, we had to wonder if that was the largest per capita volume in the United States. To put it in perspective, that is one site for roughly every 88 residents. To match that amount, a city like [...]

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Step Back In Time At The Cottage House

When visiting a historic city, it only makes sense to stay in a historic lodging location. In Council Grove, it ended up being The Cottage House for us. While it would be reasonable to make the visit to Council Grove a day trip, why not extend your visit to include an overnight? It certainly helps make the trip feel even more special. The Cottage House began modestly enough, as a blacksmith shop and three room cottage way back in 1867. Since that time, the main building has grown to include 26 rooms. The property also boasts a honeymoon cottage, as well as a [...]

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Historic Eats in the Heartland – Council Grove

Council Grove, Kansas opened up a wealth of historic sites for us. What we learned during our visit was that it wasn't just limited to museums. Even the restaurants have stories to tell. Our stay in town was only long enough to sample three of their dining establishments, but it still gave us a historic taste of this Midwestern town. Let's check out what we uncovered. We want to thank the businesses and Visit Council Grove for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. Breakfast With The Locals Our readers know we like to find the spots the locals frequent. One of the [...]

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Getting Our Bearings At Post Office Oak Museum

Council Grove, Kansas is a town that we have heard mentioned many times over the years, but had never visited. Like many small to mid-sized towns, it is filled with the history and stories of the people who persevered in the harsh environment of life on the prairie. In 1541, Coronado crossed the Neosho River on the site that is now Council Grove. The town is one of the last areas to be home to stands of hardwood, which was a vital commodity for pioneers heading west. The oak trees would supply fuel for fires, raw timber for wagon repairs, and some welcome [...]

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