The Pennant – Where Fun And Food Collide

These days there are lots of restaurants vying for your attention. Wherever we roam, we have noticed that more eateries are finding unique ways to draw in a crowd. The Pennant, in downtown Topeka, has discovered a pleasing mix where food and fun collide. Our day of exploring was chugging along, but our need to refuel was obvious from the growing feelings of hunger. There are plenty of options, around downtown, to satisfy any urge. After hearing about a special treat being offered by The Pennant, we knew it was the right choice for this particular excursion. Catching Our Attention On a previous [...]

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Leveling The Field – Brown Vs Board Of Education

American history is filled with events large and small, but some created a reverberation felt throughout the country. While the Civil War had legally brought an end to slavery, it did not prohibit the inequality of segregation. Black people were told they were free, but real life didn't represent this change. Jim Crow laws had created barriers that precluded black Americans from enjoying the same opportunities as whites, especially in the southern half of the country. Leveling the field would require a fight that led to the Supreme Court. Brown v. Board Museum We've visited Topeka many times, but have somehow missed the [...]

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Hunting History – Oakley, Kansas

Crossing through western Kansas, we can imagine herds of buffalo charging across the plains. Large numbers were roaming the territory when white settlers first arrived. The end of the Civil War brought expanded interest and development to Kansas. The "Border War" was fought on the eastern edge of the state, and seemed like a distant memory. As settlers flooded into the region, the room was needed for farming and cattle herds. While buffalo hunters came to the Oakley, Kansas area for potential profit, we came out hunting history. Gearing Up for the Hunt Not everyone looked at the buffalo the same way. Native [...]

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The Kansas Badlands – Little Jerusalem State Park

The more we explore the Midwest, the more we discover that it is filled with surprises. For instance, how often do you hear people say that Kansas is flat and devoid of any significant landscape features? To many, you must travel to the coast or the Rockies to find amazing sights. Reality shows that this is far from the truth, and there are plenty of unusual spots scattered around the state. One prime example would be the Kansas Badlands, which hides from the sight of those passing by. Welcome to Little Jerusalem Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park is located about 60 miles east [...]

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Going On Safari – Topeka Zoo

Spending time with our grandkids has opened up opportunities to visit some fun destinations. Being able to share our love for zoos with them helps us build a stronger bond while learning more about the world we live in. A recent excursion had us going on safari to the Topeka Zoo for a morning filled with exploration. An overcast late summer day was the perfect time for us to observe and interact with other species. We want to thank the Topeka Zoo for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our own.  How You Doing? The Topeka Zoo is located in the [...]

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Self-Serve Banking – Brew Bank

How many of us remember that special friend we had when we were growing up? Wouldn't it be great to have the opportunity to meet back up and join forces later in life? This is exactly what happened to a pair of kids who grew up in the middle of the Heartland. After going their own ways in life, these two Topeka boys reunited to bring a new kind of self-serve banking to their hometown. The changing liquor law in Kansas opened an avenue for Ryan Cavanaugh and Dusty Snethen to breathe life into Brew Bank, a concept bar that offers guests a [...]

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Always The Showman – Evel Knievel Museum

It is fair to say that Evel Knievel is one of the most recognizable names in daredevil history. While there have been many before and after him, he set the bar for showmanship. With over 75 ramp-to-ramp jumps to his fame, he spent the bulk of his life creating the legend that many of us grew up seeing. Always the showman, his days were filled with highs and lows that most of us will never experience. He wrapped up his philosophy on life when he said, "A man can fall many times in life, but he's never a failure until he refuses to [...]

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A Date With History – Hays, Kansas

Picture a vast inland sea teeming with an abundance of prehistoric creatures. Along the edge of the water laid a vast swamp filled with an assortment of dinosaurs. Overhead, Pteranodons floated on the warm air currents, as they scanned the horizon for an easy meal. This is the scene that would have played out in western Kansas, even though it may be hard to imagine these days. Our visit to Hays opened up an opportunity to have a date with history, as we explored the background of this city of the plains.  We want to thank Visit Hays and all of their local partners for [...]

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50 Years And Counting – Taco Shop

It was an unexpectedly cold and wet day in the middle of Kansas. We arrived at Taco Shop for an early lunch with our new friend Janet Kuhn. Our visit to Hays was winding down to the last few hours, so this would be our last get together. It was fitting that our last meal was in this long-running eatery. What had started out 50 years ago has grown into a local haunt that draws in crowds from all around. Now it was our turn to sample the menu. We want to thank Hays CVB and Taco Shop for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are [...]

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Taming The Plains – Fort Hays

The year is 1865 and the Civil War has just ended. While westward expansion had significantly slowed during the war, it did not take long for it to resume. As settlers pushed for new territories to be opened, it would spark a resurgence of the American Indian War. Out on the westerns front, in Kansas, soldiers were tasked with taming the plains for the influx of new arrivals. Our visit to Fort Hays State Historic Site offered a glimpse at life in this outpost during those tumultuous times.  We want to thank Visit Hays and Kansas Historical Society for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are [...]

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