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3 Amazing Days In Downtown Des Moines, Iowa

We always get a chuckle when we hear people tell us that there is nothing to see or do in the Midwest. While the destinations can be spread a little farther apart, we find the drive between cities to be filled with beautiful scenery. Once we arrive at our new destination, we are amazed at just how many fantastic sights are waiting to be explored. This is certainly the case for our 2018 visit to Des Moines, Iowa. For years, Crystal and I have been traveling through this Midwest metropolis on our way to Minnesota. Our stops in Des Moines were always limited [...]

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8 Delectable Downtown Des Moines Dining Destinations

Traveling to downtown Des Moines, Iowa allowed us an opportunity to park our car and stretch our legs. This area is very walker friendly and we knew we would be wanting to burn off the extra calories that were sure to be heading our way. One of our favorite parts of visiting new destinations is sampling the flavors of the city. Since we all have to eat to survive, we assume you all enjoy good meals as much as we do. The task of identifying which eateries we will visit falls on my shoulders, and I gladly take up the challenge. Our goal [...]

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3 Outdoor Spaces Not To Be Missed In Des Moines, Iowa

Let's just face the facts. There is something special about capital cities that sets them apart from other destinations. Des Moines, Iowa certainly fits in this category, as we quickly discovered. Our three days was enough to give us a chance to sample the flavors of this Midwestern city. Of course, we realize that we spent our time in just a few blocks of a city that spreads across five counties. With all we found to see and do in this portion, we can only imagine how many weeks it would take to do a more extensive study of the city. While our [...]

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Creative Culinary Choices At St. Kilda

Des Moines, Iowa offered us a nice variety of restaurant choices. We wanted to get a true sampling of the flavors of the city and try out as many cuisines as we could fit in our schedule. When we discovered St. Kilda, we couldn't remember ever dining in an Australian-style cafe and bakery. Oh, this one had to be put on the list.  Located in the downtown area, it was easily within walking distance from our East Village hotel. They specialize in healthy dishes served in manageable portions, which was exactly what we were looking for this morning. Being travelers, we don't often [...]

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Relaxed Beauty at Des Moines Botanical Gardens

A visit to a botanical garden is always a new experience, since the plants change so much with each season. The spring is popular for the bright blooms, while fall brings the vivid foliage as it prepares to go dormant. Summer is the transition period, but we enjoy the textures and shades of green that dominate the landscape. Our stop at the Des Moines Botanical Gardens gave us a chance for a relaxed stroll through their lush gardens. We want to thank the Des Moines Botanical Gardens,  Travel Iowa and Catch Des Moines for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. Under The Dome [...]

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Flavors To Wake The Dead At Zombie Burger

Every once in a while we will spot a location that we know is based on a novelty idea. Some we pass up, but then there are the ones that just hook our attention and yell out for us to visit. This is exactly what happened when we spotted Zombie Burger during our preview of Des Moines, Iowa. When we put out our feelers for ideas on restaurants to visit, this one got mentioned quite a bit. While it did get mixed reviews, the theme sealed it for us. Where else could we experience flavors to wake the dead? We want to thank [...]

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Relive The Past At The Wells Fargo Museum

Sometimes even travel writers can be surprised when they stumble upon an unexpected treat. Such is the case when we visited the Wells Fargo Museum in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. This free museum is located in their bank lobby, and is the newest in a string of museums that Wells Fargo hosts. When we discovered this unique attraction, we didn't have high expectations for an interactive experience, but we soon discovered it holds more than we had hoped for. We want to thank Wells Fargo for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. On A Mission The main purpose of the [...]

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Four Fabulous Reasons To Try Olympic Flame In Des Moines

It's not unusual to hear people talk about dinner and a movie, but how come the idea of dinner and a live show is less commonplace? We can't speak for others, but we like the idea of having entertaining activities taking place while we dine. In Des Moines, we were able to get just that when we visited Olympic Flame Restaurant in the East Village. An added bonus for us was that it was easily within walking distance of many shops and our lodging. We would appreciate this later when we were walking off our meal. We want to thank the Travel Iowa and Catch Des [...]

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Big Kid Fun At Science Center of Iowa

Visits to science centers are becoming a standard practice for us when we travel to new cities. Many times we are met with surprise, since visits to these locations usually include children in tow. Little do they realize, but we are two of the biggest kids around. This was the case when I discussed our itinerary with the staff at Catch Des Moines. With the Science Center of Iowa smack dab in the middle of our day, they wanted to make sure we understood it was designed with kids in mind. We assured them that we were well aware, and that we would [...]

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Secret Treats At Black Cat Ice Cream

During the periods we spend researching new destinations, many sites will be added to our list. From these, we can glean a finished itinerary that will allow us to showcase a variety of options for our readers to add to their own travel schedule. We are always excited when we uncover one of those places that the locals love, but is off of the beaten path. Such is the case for Black Cat Ice Cream, which is located in the Gas Lamp building near Pappajohn Sculpture Park. It's the kind of place that would be hard to distinguish from a moving vehicle, but [...]

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