Historic Dining Options In Springfield, Illinois

In every city we visit, we are able to uncover some amazing eats. Springfield, Illinois kicked it up a level by adding the historic aspect to many of our stops. Being the heart of the "Land of Lincoln", as well as a Route 66 destination, made this city extra special. Our downtown stay gave us access to a slew of locally owned eateries that are serving up some unique dishes. We all know that eating is required to survive, but that doesn't mean it can't be good food. Join us as we walk through this gallery of historic dining options in Springfield. Illinois. [...]

History Galore In Springfield, Illinois

It's always a thrill for us when we get to visit the capital city of a state. Even though they all have a dome, each is unique in its own way. Our trip to Springfield, Illinois gave us a chance to find history galore, in this twin domed Midwest city. So many historical paths cross in Springfield, and we couldn't wait to explore them. This was the home of the Lincoln family, and the city is rich with sites where the family frequented. Route 66 passes directly through Springfield, and thousands travel the Mother Road looking for adventure. The city has plenty to [...]

An Evening of Horseshoes and Ghost Tales

A visit to Springfield, Illinois is an opportunity to dive into the long history of this Midwestern region. With only three days to soak in as much as possible, we found ourselves bustling between stops. As we approached the end of our visit, we found ourselves facing our final day of exploration. With daylight burning, we approached an evening of horseshoes and ghost tales. This last night in the Land of Lincoln would be filled with historic stories of food and fun. We want to thank Visit Springfield, Obed & Isaac's Microbrewery, and Springfield Walks for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are [...]

Immersing In History at The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

When you travel to Springfield, Illinois, you will find yourself transported to the Land of Lincoln. While he may not have been born in Illinois, much of his formative years were spent in this Midwest state. I have to tell you that I have been fascinated with the life of the 16th President since my youth. An opportunity to visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum was not to be missed. We set aside plenty of time, since we knew we would be immersing in history during our tour. It only seemed fitting that we should start our visit on a day [...]

Springfield’s Dana-Thomas House – A Treasure Saved

While we are not experts in architectural design, that doesn't mean we don't appreciate beautiful designs. Springfield's Dana-Thomas House gave us a chance to see one of the homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Unlike many of the homes Wright built from scratch, this home was a redesign. That small detail will come in play a little farther into this article.  We want to thank Visit Springfield and the Dana Thomas House Foundation for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own.  Springfield's Dana-Thomas House Springfield socialite, Susan Lawrence Dana, inherited the Italian style home after her parents passed away. Along with [...]

Long Nine Junction – Taste The Colors of Springfield

One of the great things about dining at locally owned restaurants is that you will often find eclectic menus. Since these eateries are managing a supply chain that only needs to cover one or two locations, they can be a lot more flexible with their ingredient choices. They also often carry the most intriguing names, which is the case with Long Nine Junction, in Springfield, Illinois. Located across the street from the old state capitol building, it's a perfect location for a lunch stop, while exploring nearby sights. We want to thank Visit Springfield and Long Nine Junction for their hospitality. Rest assured [...]

Illinois State Museum – Piecing Together The Past

One of the benefits of visiting state capital cities is the opportunity to tour the state museums. Most every city and town will have a historical stop that showcases the local history. It is the state museum that will fill out the details on the entire region. In Springfield, we discovered the Illinois State Museum sits in close proximity to the capitol, and both of these were easy walking distance from our downtown lodging. We dropped by the museum to see how their displays are piecing together the past.  We want to thank Visit Springfield and the Illinois State Museum for their hospitality. [...]

The Origin of Corn Dogs – Cozy Dog Drive In

A visit to Springfield, Illinois holds something for just about everyone in your travel crew. If you are a fan of road trips, then retracing the Mother Road (Route 66) will lead you straight through the heart of this Midwest city. Along the route, there are a variety of unique stops, like Cozy Dog Drive In. When we made our stop at this iconic site, we had no idea that we were taking a step back into the origin of corn dogs.  We want to thank Visit Springfield and Cozy Dog Drive In for their hospitality. Rest assured the opinions are all our [...]

Explore The Lincoln Home – A Springfield Treasure

A visit to Springfield, Illinois puts travelers in the heart of the Land of Lincoln. During your visit, you will find that all throughout the city there are reminders of our 16th President of the United States. One of the premier stops is the Lincoln Home National Historic Site. There is no entrance fee for this attraction, but you will need to stop by the visitors center to get a free ticket to tour the home. Each tour is guided by one of the knowledgeable park guides, so we knew it was going to be very informative. We couldn't wait to explore the [...]

Maldaner’s Restaurant – Lunch At A Local Landmark

Each year hundreds of restaurants start and fail. It takes dedication and consistency to build  a sustainable dining business. While some of the newcomers have unique menu offerings, we believe that tried and true eateries have developed a taste that appeals to a wide range of diners. Springfield, Illinois is home to a variety of delectable dining options, and our first meal certainly would set the culinary tone for our visit. With this in mind, we chose Maldaner's Restaurant, which is a local landmark on 6th Street. This green thumb eatery uses locally grown ingredients and harvest honey from their rooftop hives. We [...]

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