Science Search At Museum of Science and Industry

We have had the opportunity to visit a lot of science museums. While some exhibits are commonplace at almost every museum, each one we visit seems to have a few unique displays that intrigue us. Our visit to the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI), in Chicago, blew us away with their sheer volume of exhibits. We knew we were in for quite the experience, when we saw the immense building that sits along the shore of Lake Michigan. It became apparent that we would need to focus, as we launched our science search at MSI.   We want to thank the Museum of [...]

Tasty Treats From Oberweis Dairy

Wherever we travel, Crystal and I will usually be on the lookout for ice cream. We are fortunate that both of us can agree on this creamy treat as a preferred dessert option. When we planned our latest Chicago visit, it was agreed to make our base camp on the outskirts of the metro. While it meant a longer commute to the main attractions, it put us in easy striking distance of sampling the tasty treats at Oberweis Dairy. For those who have never visited Chi-Town, this Midwest creamery serves up some delicious ice cream creations, in a family friendly setting.   We want [...]

Hitting Some Highlights In Chicago

A short stay in Chicago, Illinois offers travelers tons of options. Our trip was focused on the City Center area. We were hoping to enjoy the museums and shopping possibilities. From Kansas City, we were only looking at a 1 1/2 hour flight, so it's a great destination. Our Temporary Home in Chicago We chose to forego a car rental, and selected a hotel near public transportation routes. Chicago has excellent choices in public transportation, so keep this in mind when planning a visit. The Hyatt Centric Magnificent Mile sits one block off the famed shopping mecca, so it seemed to be a perfect [...]

Quick Stop at The Field Museum

The Field Museum is Chicago's own museum of natural history. It happens to rank as one of the largest of its type in the world. With over 24 million specimens in its portfolio, anything less than all day is just a cursory look. The Natural World Our schedule only allowed for a short visit, so we planned to dedicate it to the main floor. We hoped that we would be able to get a good feel for the quality of the exhibits. A future visit would obviously be needed to allow a deeper exploration. We began our tour with a visit to the Nature walk area. [...]

Holy Cow We Are At The Chicago Sports Museum

The Chicago Sports Museum is not as well advertised as it should be. We were lucky to find it, as it is located inside a shopping area, tucked away in Harry Caray's restaurant on the 7th floor. Talk about out of the way. Chicago's Biggest Fan Harry Caray is probably one of the most well known sports announcers in American history. His trademark exclamation, and traditional singing have been mimicked by many. They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and Harry was extremely flattered. Many will always remember him for his undying faith in Chicago's sports teams. His iconic black-rimmed glasses [...]

See the Sights at Chicago’s Navy Pier

Our last visit to Chicago was eye opening. Our hotel was located just off of Michigan Avenue, which gave us walking access to many great attractions, including Navy Pier. The timing was great, as this was the period where Kansas City was experiencing 100 degree weather. The 90 degree temperatures, in Chicago, felt cool in comparison. While our time was limited, we did try to squeeze in as much sight-seeing as possible.   Top Spots Chicago's Navy Pier is one of the top attractions in the city, and celebrated its 100th year in 2016. Tons of restaurants and shops dot the boardwalk, while [...]

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Chicago Skyscrapers- Towers of Steel and Glass

There is a huge variation between cities in the Midwest. There are lots of small towns, which are based around the old town square format. As you move up to larger cities, you start to see more multi-story buildings. Then you have the Chicago skyscrapers. By the time you get to a city the size of St. Louis or Kansas City, you will find a smattering of skyscrapers dotting the horizon.  While there are similarities between Kansas City and Chicago, there are just as many differences. The one sight in Chicago, that constantly reminded us that we were not in our hometown, was [...]

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