MacNider Art Museum – All About Art

It seems that more and more cities we visit are learning to embrace art. Some have distinct districts that focus on showcasing artists. Others are finding a flourish of new art forms, such as murals, being introduced to their urban areas. When we arrived in Mason City, it didn't take us long to find that this Iowa city is all about art. The apex of this city's art can be found in and around the Charles H. MacNider Art Museum. Since the mid-60s, this art center has become a mecca for locals and visitors alike to explore this FREE museum that showcases some [...]

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Beach Party Vibe – Clear Lake

Each new city and town we visit has its own particular feel. Some are historic sites with ages of artifacts. Others are artistic centers that entertain the eyes with rich and unique visions. It only took a few minutes for us to realize that Clear Lake, Iowa has a beach party vibe. Our arrival was timed for the morning of July 3rd, so there was a little extra electricity in the air. With a lakeside carnival in full swing, it was promising to be an entertaining visit. We want to thank Clear Lake, Iowa, and the local businesses for hosting our visit. Rest [...]

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Fierce Gales – Split Rock Lighthouse

Standing on the North Shores of Minnesota, one finds themselves admiring the beauty of Lake Superior. The choppy waters hint at the hidden dangers that lie below the surface. Resting in the depths of those cold waters are roughly 350 ships. Many of these were victims of the fierce gales that sweep in during the late fall and winter months. The earliest recorded occurred in 1891, but it would be a late November 1905 storm that would show just how perilous the waters can be. With these tragedies impacting the movement of important materials, it would only be a matter of time before [...]

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Epic Road Trip – Lewis And Clark Interpretive Center

Traveling can be extremely exciting, but being too long on the road can become uncomfortable. Even having all of the luxuries, won't remove the desire for the comforts of home. Can you imagine embarking on a perilous two-year-long trip across unchartered lands? That is precisely what Meriwether Lewis and William Clark faced during their famous expedition. On a smaller level, all of us can feel the same explorer spirit when we set out on our own adventures. We were at the start of an epic road trip and we pulled off in Sioux City, Iowa for our first stop. Presidential Directive America was [...]

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60 Years Of Magic – Historic Park Inn Hotel

If you asked us to name a famous architect, we would probably come up with the same answer as most Americans. The reality is that while we love looking at all of the amazing architecture, we are oblivious to the masters behind the work. One name that we recognize, is Frank Lloyd Wright. This American designer created over 500 structures that carry recognizable features. It's easy to say that he impacted American architecture as much as anyone. With 60 years of magic under his belt, it's easy to say he was an inspiration for others.  We want to thank Visit Mason City and [...]

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Kinney Pioneer Museum – Look For The Stories

First impressions can say a lot, but sometimes you need to look deeper. When we visit a new museum, it gives us an opportunity to learn about the destination we are exploring. Since the majority of the artifacts are usually donated by residents, it also gives a personal peek into the lives of those who founded the area. It becomes more about the stories behind the pieces, which is what history is really meant to tell. When we stepped through the door at the Kinney Pioneer Museum, we knew instantly that we would be diving into the lives of those that made Clear [...]

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Gateway To The North Shores – Gooseberry Falls

For the past four decades, we have been making excursions to Minnesota. A portion of Crystal's family, including her mom, live in what I lovingly refer to as the "frozen tundra". Many family trips landed us in the southern portion of the state. Our most recent visit had us exploring a new section when we traveled to the shores of Lake Superior. One of the "must-see" stops, on our itinerary, was a visit to Gooseberry Falls State Park. Serving as a gateway to the North Shores, this trio of falls has some interesting history. Visitors Center After spending the night in Duluth, we [...]

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Treat Yourself – Mason City Meals

We may have only spent a little over 24 hours in Mason City, but we discovered that it's easy to treat yourself in this Iowa town. Our time allowed for three square meals, as well as a little sweet treat. Exploring walkable downtowns is always an adventure and is sure to build up our appetites. Let's see what we discovered in this Midwest destination. We want to thank Visit Mason City and the local businesses for hosting our visit. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.  Brewed Breakfast I cannot remember the last day that didn't start for us with some delicious [...]

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Patriotic Twist at PM Park

The folks in Clear Lake, Iowa certainly know how to celebrate. We visited this lake-centric city on the 3rd of July, and found everyone kicking it with a patriotic twist. The crowds were already in the holiday spirit and a weekend at the lake makes for a perfect escape. Pulling up to PM Park, it was hard to imagine that this place is over 100 years old. This popular hangout was designed for entertaining, so we knew we were in for a treat. We want to thank Clear Lake Chamber and PM Park for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our [...]

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Sidestreet Discovery – Rancho Deluxe

It is said that "Art imitates Life", which we have found to often be the case. Of course, then you happen upon a place like Rancho Deluxe, which leaves you in awe of the imaginative powers of the human mind. During our exploration of Mason City, we did a lot of walking. The city is ripe for pedestrian traffic, as the topography is relatively flat. Our art excursion was providing us with tons of sights and when we learned of this sidestreet discovery, we just had to make the short detour.  We want to thank Visit Mason City for hosting our visit. Rest [...]

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