2 Day Itinerary For Lincoln, Nebraska

It's a shame we have to work to survive because traveling at any time would be freeing. Until those days come, we focus on breaking up regular life with an assortment of trips. Sometimes a week-long vacation doesn't fit, so an extended weekend has to work. Lincoln, Nebraska was the target for one of these types of getaways. A 3-hour drive meant departing early so we had plenty of time for exploring. The next two days would be filled with fun, food, and interesting finds. Let's take a look at how we maximized our time in Nebraska's Capital City. We want to thank [...]

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8 Top Activities In Fort Smith, Arkansas

Nestled at the confluence of the Arkansas and Poteau Rivers, Fort Smith began as a frontier military post. Barely a decade after the Louisiana Purchase, the new lands were still being explored. With over 200 years of history under its belt, the city has a lot to offer visitors. We dropped in to explore the downtown region and discovered 8 top activities in Fort Smith, Arkansas. With so much to see and do, we knew that we would have to stay on track if we wanted to accomplish our itinerary. We want to thank Experience Fort Smith and the local businesses for hosting our [...]

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Visiting Wisconsin Dells Without Getting Wet

Wisconsin Dells has earned the unofficial title of 'Waterpark Capital of the World'. Making our first pass through town, it quickly became apparent where this name came from. We discovered that there are currently 20 waterparks spread around the area. That makes this northern destination a major draw for family vacations. Wet and wild fun is certainly appealing, but we wanted to find out what it's like visiting Wisconsin Dells without getting wet. Let's dive into the variety of dry options available for all ages' entertainment. We want to thank the Wisconsin Dells CVB and the local businesses for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions [...]

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Couples Time In St. Charles

While many of our excursions are designed to showcase family-friendly travel destinations, sometimes we look for a different type of getaway. While searching for something unique, we discovered a place that would make a perfect escape for the two of us. Since we both enjoy many of the same things, we decided to spend some couples time in St. Charles, Illinois. Our research had uncovered a plethora of possibilities and we couldn't wait to visit. It didn't take long for us to fall in love with this upscale escape. We want to thank the St. Charles Business Alliance for hosting our visit. Rest [...]

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Eating Our Way Through Downtown Fort Smith

For us, there is a big difference between eating to sustain and dining for pleasure. During our visit to this historic Arkansas destination, we tried to sample as many restaurant choices as we could squeeze into our schedule. As we were eating our way through downtown Fort Smith, we discovered what the locals already know. This city is packed with amazing eateries that serve a variety of cuisines. As foodies, this made our visit sensational, even if it made narrowing down our meal choices more difficult. Let's see how we did with our selections. We want to thank Experience Fort Smith for hosting our visit. [...]

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7 Reasons To Visit Madison, Wisconsin

We enjoy visiting the Upper Midwest during the summertime. Cool nights and warm days are perfect for exploring new destinations. During a multiple-city trip, we included a couple of days in Wisconsin's capital city. This gave us a chance to discover 7 reasons to visit Madison. A visit to the state capital building was number 1 on our list and we were not disappointed. With more than 100 years under its belt, the structure is in amazingly good shape. The dome rises to over 280 feet and is topped by the statue, Wisconsin. Made of white granite, from Vermont, it is the largest [...]

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Interactive Opportunities Abound In Bentonville, Arkansas

During our travels, we like to figure out what each city has for an overarching theme. Bentonville, Arkansas has focused on creating an urban area filled with interactive opportunities. No matter your activity level, there is plenty to occupy your time during a visit. We were pleased to discover food and fun designed to appeal to a wide spectrum of tourists, as well as the locals. In this article, we will highlight some of the experiences we encountered during our visit. You can find more details in the individual articles we have already posted in our Bentonville category. We want to thank Visit [...]

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24 Hours In Mason City

Whenever we visit a new destination, we keep our eyes open for a theme. Some cities are all about history, while others can focus on family fun. As we made our way through Mason City, we quickly realized this Iowa city is overflowing with artistic subjects. While it has plenty of history to discover, it was the promise of art that caught our attention. With just about 24 hours in Mason City, we were going to have to make the most of every minute. After a quick stop at the local tourism bureau, we dove into our artful explorations.  We want to thank [...]

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Beach Party Vibe – Clear Lake

Each new city and town we visit has its own particular feel. Some are historic sites with ages of artifacts. Others are artistic centers that entertain the eyes with rich and unique visions. It only took a few minutes for us to realize that Clear Lake, Iowa has a beach party vibe. Our arrival was timed for the morning of July 3rd, so there was a little extra electricity in the air. With a lakeside carnival in full swing, it was promising to be an entertaining visit. We want to thank Clear Lake, Iowa, and the local businesses for hosting our visit. Rest [...]

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Louisiana River Parishes – Exploring The River Road

Summer brings a combination of heat and humidity to the lands along the Gulf Coast. For some, this signals a move indoors or excursions to cooler climates. We embrace this season and find it offers the perfect timing for exploring life in the Louisiana River Parishes. After all, the atmosphere begs a person to slow down and thoroughly examine the details that surround them. While we had made multiple visits to nearby New Orleans, this trip would be our first to the lands that lie just west of the Crescent City. We want to thank the Louisiana River Parishes and these local businesses [...]

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