Cabela’s, while being a sporting goods store, has the visual interest to be a good rainy day alternative. It is large enough to be used to while away a couple of hours, and has a wide range of displays to keep everyone engaged. From the time you see the store off of I-435 & I-70 in Kansas City, Kansas, you can tell it is all about the outdoors. There is a bronze statue of elks overlooking an outdoor pond, which is frequently used for fishing demonstrations. Once you enter this over sized log cabin, you step into a visual paradise.

Inside you will be in a taxidermists paradise. Deer, elk, bears, birds, and other animal species are found at every turn. The store can be overwhelming in size, so take your time to discover all of the hidden gems. A large yellow seaplane hangs overhead, and leads you toward a rocky outcropping. Here is displayed a collection of animals and birds native to North America. You will want to view this from every angle, including upstairs, to truly understand the magnitude of the display. While upstairs, you can take a break and enjoy a little time at the shooting gallery. It reminds me a lot of the one they had at World’s of Fun, and it does cost to play, so be warned.


Back on the first floor you will also find a small aquatic display of freshwater fish. It is quite easy to spend lots of time at these displays. There is a big game display, which includes many of the animals that you would encounter on an African safari. They are posed in some interesting manners, and should elicit some remarks and questions from the kids. It makes for a great opportunity for educational interaction. Across the store on the first floor is a room full of deer from Midwestern hunters. As you wander through listen for the wildlife sounds in the background, and see how many you can identify.

While we know many people are against hunting, we believe a visit to Cabela’s can be used as an educational opportunity by all. After a visit, we always find ourselves looking at nature a little differently. I believe that sometimes we live so long in a city that we forget the wonder of all of the animals that reside here along side us.