Is it just our imagination or does it seem like more and more restaurants are blending cuisines these days? A recent discovery for us is Buck Tui BBQ. When Crystal suggested a visit to a Thai BBQ joint, images of unique dishes raced through my mind. My wildest creations couldn’t match the incredible flavors that were in store for us. Friday Date Night was the perfect occasion to visit this newer eatery at 6737 W. 75th Street. Our anticipation was high as we descended on Buck Tui for our first (and not last) visit.

An industrial overtone in the décor adds an air of modernness to the interior.

Industrial Cool

The name Buck Tiu can be loosely translated as “Fat Boy”. This Thai term of endearment is perfect for a place that can meld two strong cuisines into one. While barbecue has been a favorite of ours since childhood, Thai cuisine is a taste we have acquired more recently. Stepping through the door, the familiar aroma of smoked meat hung in the air. Talk about a great way to get your appetite kicked into high gear. The dinner rush was just picking up, so we grabbed seats before it got too crowded.

Buck Tui BBQ brought us two menus so we would have plenty of choices.

East Meets West

Our waiter doled out our menus, which included the dinner and Happy Hour versions. We spotted some fun-sounding cocktails, but those would have to wait for a return visit to Buck Tui BBQ. When we are making our first visit to a new eatery, we stick to water. That way we can get a true sampling of the nuances of flavor contained in the various dishes. The extensive choices made our job more difficult, but our waiter was happy to walk us through them and even offer suggestions. From looking around the dining room, it was obvious that we will need many visits to explore their menu.

The crispy appearance of Brisket Rangoon hides the smoky goodness inside.

Sneaky Starter

We decided to throw caution to the wind by ordering up more than we could ever eat in one sitting. This insured that we would have a chance to test the reheatability of their food. (Yes, I made that word up.) For starters, we chose the Brisket Rangoon. We had sampled a similar dish at another Asian Fusion spot but left unimpressed. Buck Tui BBQ clearly understood the assignment. The warm filling had the creaminess expected from the soft cheese filling. The smoky undertones that followed the first taste sealed the deal for us. These might as well be added to the endangered list since they didn’t stay around long after our photos.

A two meat Teddy's Dinner is enough to feed two customers at Buck Tui BBQ.

2 Meat Plate

There were so many great-sounding dishes that we decided to order two main plates, even though either one was enough for two people. Our first choice was Teddy’s BBQ Dinner and we opted for two types of meat. There was no way that we would pass up sampling the brisket or the pulled pork. It comes served up with Jasmine Rice and one side, which ours was Mac & Cheese. One bite of the brisket and I fell in love with the smoky tenderness. The pork had ample sauce mixed in, so it paired well with the rice. Their mac & cheese was quite creamy, being made with a mild Mornay sauce and topped with crunchy shallots. Extra BBQ sauce and their highly spicy Tiger Cry Sauce are included. (Take the name seriously!)

Pineapple Rib Fries Rice is an impressive dish served up in a pineapple shell.

Pineapple Rib Fried Rice

Our second selection was a no-brainer. The Pineapple Rib Fried Rice had screamed at us from the moment we read the menu. This is truly a dish that blends the best of both cuisines. A hollowed-out pineapple is ladled full of their fun version of fried rice. Buck Tui BBQ adds cashews, cilantro, scallions, and pineapple for layers of flavors. After my first bite of the rice, I wondered how they could top it. They figured out the perfect match; a half slab of baby back ribs. The ribs had a delectable smoky tone and are tender without falling off the bone. I can also tell you that this dish reheats well.

The authors prepare to attack the bounty of food at Buck Tui BBQ.

Buck Tui BBQ

Discovering new places like Buck Tui BBQ is a fun way to explore our hometown. We also get the pleasure of making new friends. Listening to the stories of those we meet is an amazing way to connect with locals. Since we find that the locals have all of the insight when we travel, why wouldn’t the same hold true right here in Kansas City? Thanks to everyone who clues us in on all kinds of hidden gems. This article is an example of that, as we first heard about Buck Tui BBQ from another KC resident. We have to say that their combination of the two cuisines puts them in the top 10 fusion restaurants we’ve experienced.

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