Kansas City has restaurants that cover any cuisine you could imagine. Sampling new eateries are one of our guilty pleasures. While it may seem that we have tried them all, even we are amazed at the number of places still untested. Since Kansas City, Kansas is our corner of the metro, we are always eager to hear about a new dining option coming to town. You can imagine our delight when we discovered that Brown Sugar Chicken & Donuts was bringing a new twist to KCK. Located at 3708 State Avenue, this new restaurant is destined to develop a fanatical following.

We want to thank Brown Sugar Chicken & Donuts for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our own. 

It is good to see a new dining option opening in the heart of Kansas City, Kansas.

A Lite Meal

The concept for Brown Sugar Chicken & Donuts came from co-owner Jamaal Lites. Along with his sister Asiyah, they were eager to bring breakfast dishes to an area that has limited options. Their background in Nashville imparted a love for fried chicken. What a great place to develop a fondness for this dish. When we arrived at the shop for a Saturday brunch, Crystal noted that she was familiar with the location. During her school years, she worked at Waid’s restaurant, which was located in this strip mall.

The fresh interior at Brown Sugar Chicken & Donuts hints of the simple yet complex tastes that are about to be bestowed on customers.

Clean Lines

The interior is a bright and simplistic space. The one exception is the brightly colored wall that bears the store logo. We had arranged our visit to fall in between breakfast and lunch. The goal was to have the place to ourselves, but plans don’t always work as we thought. While Brown Sugar Chicken & Donuts has been open for a few weeks, there official grand opening was still to come. Even without all of that hoopla, there was still a steady stream filtering in. Many were to-go customers looking for a late morning sugar rush.

The tempting colors and textures of fresh donuts are found in the glass case at Brown Sugar Chicken & Donuts.

Colorful Circles

Looking at the donut case, we realized we were in a good location to find some sweet treats. A variety of artfully decorated cake donuts lined the trays. Since we had plans to showcase a variety of their dishes, we satisfied ourselves with just gandering at these circles of delight. Later, we would end up devouring one of them, so our patience was well rewarded.

Breakfast just got a whole lot sweeter in Kansas city, Kansas.

Brown Sugar Chicken & Donuts

You can imagine that the name of this restaurant piqued our interest. Throughout our travels, we have enjoyed a number of dishes that included fried chicken. Chicken and biscuits are fairly common these days. While our first foray into chicken and waffles occurred in Nashville, having a dish of them in Tulsa included an interesting backdrop. Brown Sugar Chicken & Donuts expanded the menu by combining the two ingredients found in their name. Imagine a crispy chicken tender topped with egg and bacon. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Now serve it sandwiched inside a glazed donut. Whoa!

This sweet and savory combination was a huge hit with me. If you caught our InstaStory, then you know that it provides a huge bite of flavor. Jamaal added a Chicken & Biscuit to our plate, as well as a side of Tator Tots. The dipping sauces weren’t needed since everything had great flavor. We also discovered that they make some killer biscuits, which have a light and airy texture. You can bet that sandwich became extinct in just a few bites.

An assortment of tempting tastes are found at Brown Sugar Chicken & Donuts in KCK.

Terrific Trio

Next up, Jamaal brought out another trio of tastes. By now, the other customers were beginning to wonder what was taking place at our table. This plate included a Breakfast Burrito Bowl, Crispy Chicken Tenders, and one of their sweet donuts. Jamaal decided to pretty up the chicken tenders by drizzling them with a cheese sauce. He noted that this is not the usual delivery style. After tasting them, we realized that the combination of tastes worked perfectly. Crystal suggested to him that he make this a menu option. It was a nice compliment to the crispy texture of the chicken, which is still moist and tender on the inside. We just found our new favorite fried chicken spot.

You can find a variety of munchables at Brown Sugar Chicken & Donuts.

Dishing Up Delights

Sometimes you just want to chow down on some comfort food. We never cease to be amazed at the taste combinations that people dream up. The Breakfast Burrito Bowl shows that breakfast omelets don’t have to always have a traditional appearance.  This heaping dish is made with scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, diced fresh tomatoes and peppers, and potatoes. The sour cream drizzle adds another layer to the flavors. As we dug deep into the bowl, we would be rewarded with a variety of flavor combinations in each bite.

Jamaal brought out one of his locally-themed dishes, Wyandotte Fries. Now, we’ve had chili fries, and cheese fries, and even chili-cheese fries, but this dish brought a new level of togetherness to our table. This KCK delicacy combines French fries, diced fried chicken, pico de Gallo, diced peppers and onion, cilantro, sour cream, and queso cheese sauce. What seems like a jumbled concoction ended up being quite delicious. It was clear that we were getting tons of carbs, but we had plans to burn them off outdoors.

The authors pause for a selfie at Brown Sugar Chicken & Donuts.

Bringing a New Twist to KCK

You can imagine that we struggled to try and devour all of this food. We did our best but fell short of finishing. The sweet and savory combination had us returning for more bites, even after we knew we were full. Clearly the comfort food found at Brown Sugar Chicken & Donuts seems to be highly addictive, which should ensure their future success. We are guessing it won’t be long before other restaurants begin adding some of these intriguing flavor combinations to their menu. Tell us the truth, would you order a chicken and donut sandwich?

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