Most of us have memories of that special restaurant where they prepare a dish unlike anybody else. Maybe it was the best fish & chips at Arthur Treachers or the onion rings at Paul Bunyan Burgers. No matter what the memory, most of us have one or more special places locked away. Such is the memory I have associated with the burgers and onion rings at Big Bam’s Burgers. I suppose so many of these memories are tied to food, because it is a necessity for our survival. It helps for it be delicious, as well. Located at 5930 Nieman Road in Shawnee, this quiet little burger joint is knocking it out of the park every day. Their burger patties are made fresh daily with 3 ingredients; ground chuck, salt, and pepper. While many claim this, Bam’s actually does it, and the flavor comes through.

Big Bam's Burgers

While all of the patties are the same, the toppings are what makes each burger variety special. Where else do you get fried jalapenos with cream cheese, and Cancun dressing? They have it and call it the En Fuego. Those who prefer, can get the same toppings with a veggie patty by ordering the California Dreamin’. For burger topping purists they have the All American, which comes with the standard toppings you would serve on your own backyard grilled burger. Couple it with some of their crispy fries, and you have a real treat.

 Now over time it seems that most people will migrate to their own favorite, and mine is the Bacon & Bleu. Topped with crispy bacon strips, and a slice of bleu cheese, the flavor screams in your mouth. I prefer to couple my burger with Bam’s oh so crunchy onion rings. Fried to perfection they perch on my plate awaiting their final destination. Crystal will usually order the french fries, and we will share our sides. It makes for the best of both worlds. Writing this post is actually making me crave a visit, and we were just there a few days ago. Yes, they are that good. Give them a try and find out which is your favorite.