Best Pizza in the Galaxy at Cafe Amore

Best Pizza in the Galaxy at Cafe Amore

When we surveyed our readers about restaurant choices in Eureka Springs, we were hoping that at least one would involve pizza. Cafe Amoré  is located on the ridge south of the downtown area, and was nearby to our treetop lodging. (You can read about the Treehouse Cottages here>) We determined that it would make a great dinner choice, and set the wheels in motion for a visit.Diners at Cafe Amore, in Eureka Springs, enjoy delicious Italian food in a relaxed atmosphere.

A Busy Place To Dine

Our evening schedule included a show, so we knew that an early dinner would be in the plan. Usually it works well, since it helps us avoid the rush, but Cafe Amoré was already busy when we arrived. The flow of traffic included dine-in, as well as carry-out orders, so the parking lot was busier than the dining room. That was a positive, but it had filled up by the time we were ready to depart, so be prepared for this when you visit. The seating is split between two rooms, and we were placed in the one farthest from the door. Those that were already seated seemed to be enjoying themselves, and many appeared to be locals. Two good signs when visiting a new restaurant choice. After our drink orders were entered, we visited a little with Jerry, the husband of one of the two women who formed the restaurant.

The thick Chicago style deep dish pizza at Cafe Amore is surprisingly filling.

Getting Our Fill At Cafe Amoré

A review of the menu showed lots of great pies to choose from, and with a little help we decided on the Uncle Jerry, which is also called “The Works”. This Chicago style deep dish is loaded with three meats, and an assortment of vegetables, and topped with a heaping dose of mozzarella. The pizzas come in two sizes, and we chose the smaller one, since it is deep dish. This ended up being a wise decision, as we struggled with what we were served due to overall volume. We both loved the blend of flavors, and were glad we chose the combination. We asked Jerry to explain the sign out front, which alludes to Cafe Amoré being the home of the best pizza in the galaxy. He told us the story of a boy whose family visits the restaurant on vacation almost every year. This is that child’s perspective on the food. While we haven’t tried all of the pizza joints throughout the galaxy, we would certainly have to concede that the ones served here are pretty awesome. The crust is firm enough to hold in all of the fillings without being too doughy. The fillings were fresh, which added to the depth of flavors, and the cheese was able to hold it all together without overpowering the other ingredients. Now that I am writing this, I have to wonder if that boy was on to something.

The Deconstructed Tiramisu dessert at Cafe Amore is a delicious end to a great meal.

We gave it a valiant attempt, but were struggling to finish the pie. Jerry popped over, and told us to save room for a special dessert. Fortunately, we always have room for a sweet treat. He disappeared into the kitchen, and returned with a serving of their signature Tiramisu Amoré. It is a deconstructed version of tiramisu, and is as visually pleasing as it is delicious. We forced ourselves to finish the treat (Yeah, right!) and pushed back away from the table in victory. Our timing was perfect for us to make it to the show, and we knew that we wouldn’t have to worry about getting hungry during the entertainment. Our visit to cafe Amoré confirmed that our readers have impeccable taste in restaurants, and sealed the deal for us to use their suggestions more frequently during future trips. Thanks to all of you who offered your insights. Be sure to follow our Facebook (You can link to us here>) page to see our requests for suggestions in the future.

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