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We are Jeff and Crystal, a Baby Boomer couple who love exploring this big blue marble we all call home. After spending the first portion of our lives together raising a family, the empty-nest syndrome finally caught up with us. This has given us the opportunity to spend more time traveling, and seeking out new destinations. We developed this travel blog with the goal of showing how we “Visit Like A Local”. Our itineraries are designed to get us off the interstates, and into the heart of the places we visit. We believe this will allow our readers to choose a cultural experience, and eventually head home with a real flavor of the places they visit. We hope you are enjoying our website and will consider sharing it with your friends. Please come back often, as we post new articles three times per week.

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park – 10,000 Acres Of Exploring

For many years, we have enjoyed visits to the Ozark Mountains. This ancient mountain range offers amazing scenery, abundant wildlife, and many hidden wonders. During a trip to Top of the Rock, we learned about another scenic site that we wanted to see firsthand. A little research uncovered 10,000 acres of exploring that offers visitors plenty of natural experiences. Since we had planned a Branson trip, it made sense to add a stop at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park to our itinerary.    Miles of Nature Dogwood Canyon is a little over 30 minutes southwest of Branson, Missouri. That makes it an easy day [...]

By |2021-01-26T10:08:26-06:00January 26th, 2021|Branson, Midwest, Missouri|2 Comments

Gaining Traction – Caribe Blue

Launching a new restaurant is challenging in the best of times. Having to face an unseen pandemic immediately after opening your doors has to be extremely daunting. Fortunately, Oreste and Geraldine Perez have what it takes to face this feat. Their new venture, Caribe Blue, brings the flavors of Latin Caribbean cuisine to the heart of downtown Kansas City, Kansas. Their launch in early 2020 happened right before the shutdown, but offering a robust carryout menu has helped. They have been gaining traction in the Strawberry Hill area and word is getting out in the rest of the metro. Gaining Traction The Strawberry [...]

By |2021-01-22T12:34:36-06:00January 22nd, 2021|Kansas City, KC Dining, South of the Border|8 Comments

Boone County History Museum – Celebrating 200 Years

There are some names that stand out in American history. Just the mention of them will elicit images of the era in which they lived. This is certainly the case with past presidents, like Washington or Lincoln. It also applies to some other historic figures like Daniel Boone. Just the mere mentioning of his name makes us think of a rugged pioneer in a coonskin cap. His fame was so widespread that there are many towns, counties, and regions that bear his name. In the heart of Missouri, you will find Boone County History Museum, which looked like a good place to learn [...]

By |2021-01-19T07:23:35-06:00January 19th, 2021|Midwest, Missouri|2 Comments

Folded Biscuit Bliss – Denver Biscuit Co.

When we heard that Denver Biscuit Company was coming to KC, images of fluffy mounds, covered in gravy, filled our thoughts. Little did we know, the reality would be fat stacks of folded biscuit bliss that would challenge our appetites. Our affinity for southern-style foods means that we love folded biscuits, although we never turn away the offer of drop biscuits either. Knowing that the company has its origins in Colorado, we were puzzled on how it decided to intertwine this southern classic into its menu. This would require a visit to their new site at 4144 Pennsylvania Avenue to solve the mystery. [...]

By |2020-12-31T06:11:20-06:00January 15th, 2021|Breakfast, Kansas City, KC Dining|8 Comments

Where Twain Meets – Hannibal, Missouri

The river town of Hannibal, Missouri rests along the banks of the "Mighty Mississippi". Growing up in such a world, during the mid-1800s, would have surely presented an adventurous world to any boy. This was certainly the case for Samuel Langhorne Clemens, who would seal his fame with the pen name of Mark Twain. Born the sixth of seven children, Samuel would lose three siblings at an early age. His parents uprooted their family to move to Hannibal when Samuel was four-years-old. This new wonderland would serve as the backdrop for many of his stories and characters and end up being where Twain [...]

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Hunting History – Oakley, Kansas

Crossing through western Kansas, we can imagine herds of buffalo charging across the plains. Large numbers were roaming the territory when white settlers first arrived. The end of the Civil War brought expanded interest and development to Kansas. The "Border War" was fought on the eastern edge of the state, and seemed like a distant memory. As settlers flooded into the region, room was needed for farming and cattle herds. While buffalo hunters came to the Oakley, Kansas area for potential profit, we came out hunting history. Gearing Up for the Hunt Not everyone looked at the buffalo the same way. Native Indians [...]

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River Town Tastes – Hannibal, Missouri Eats

For many, us included, you cannot get the real flavor of a destination without including visits to some of the local restaurants. Hannibal, Missouri has a distinct connection with the "Mighty Mississippi", so we certainly wanted to experience the river town tastes that can be found there. Obviously, we would want some variety  and knew that we would be dedicating our time to the downtown section of town. It is worth noting that our visit to Hannibal allowed us plenty of sights and tastes all within walking distance of their historic district. Mark Twain Dinette Driving into Hannibal from the north, one of [...]

By |2020-12-28T08:06:23-06:00January 5th, 2021|Hannibal, Midwest, Missouri|8 Comments

The Kansas Badlands – Little Jerusalem State Park

The more we explore the Midwest, the more we discover that it is filled with surprises. For instance, how often do you hear people say that Kansas is flat and devoid of any significant landscape features? To many, you must travel to the coast or the Rockies to find amazing sights. Reality shows that this is far from the truth, and there are plenty of unusual spots scattered around the state. One prime example would be the Kansas Badlands, which hides from the sight of those passing by. Welcome to Little Jerusalem Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park is located about 60 miles east [...]

By |2021-01-01T05:44:29-06:00January 1st, 2021|Kansas, Midwest, Oakley|14 Comments

Hidden History – Hannibal Legends

Hannibal, Missouri is known far and wide for its connection to Samuel Clemens. Many of you know him best by his pen name of Mark Twain. His stories reflect the life and struggles of growing up in a river town in the mid-1800s. While many of his tales are based on moments and memories from his life, there are hidden history stories that are less well known. During our visit, we had the fortune to hear some of these stories and walk the sites where they may have occurred. This experience helped us feel like we were drawn into one of Twain's tales. [...]

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